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A Sincere Log (Horrid Pictures)

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Hey everyone. I've been a fellow hidden member of acne.org for a while now, and never really decided to join until today. As the title may have given away, I am currently taking Accutane, and planning on logging it here. Let me tell you a little bit about myself..

My name is Diego and I am currently 19 years old and have suffered with acne for about 6 years. It has completely downgraded my self esteem below the negative scale. High school years sucked because of it. I have tried everything you could possibly imagine, and am giving in my final hopes to Accutane.

I have started this log on the first week of Accutane, (Day 9), and this whole week has been the worst of my life. The side effects have really kicked in. My skin is extremely dry at all times, even while using a moisturizer, and I had a severe break out. I wake up every morning with around thirty or forty whiteheads around my chin and upper lip area. My skin also seems to be peeling. It is very tough to go to work like this. I am really hoping the initial flare up goes away soon.

Warning: Horrid Pictures Below

Week 1

Face 1

I'll have more pictures as I get them.


Around how long does the initial flare up last?

Does your diet really make a difference while on Accutane?

Thanks for your time everyone.

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Sorry I'm still learning how to use this forum, I'm not having any luck uploading the pictures. I tried uploading them onto Imageshack and posting the link here, but for some reason the link doesn't show up. I will try again later.

And sorry for the double post.

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New members can't post links; it's an anti-spam measure.

However, you can post the pictures as attachments. Upload them from your computer in Full Edit mode and the images will show up. Make sure you've resized them via some program like Paint (easy) so that they won't take up too much of your attachment space. :)

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