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Please read if ur suffering from acne

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have a regimen for u that i hope u listen to..it worked for me, and i know mine was worse than urs. first...i purchased the clarisonic(pricey i know) i still use it everyday w cetaphil antibacterial soap bar. thats my cleansing regimen morning and night. also, i ordered a bottle of 30% glycolic acid from makeup artists choice and used that once a week. now heres the ticket.. Go to amazon.com and order some L ascorbic acid POWDER by "NOW" foods. like 10 bucks, along w/ pure vegetable glycerine by "NOW" foods and a small bottle of jojoboa oil. L ascorbic acid is a powder form of vitamin c. vitmain c is a natural skin lightener, one of the best. Now heres how u make ur own high potency vitamin c serum. Mix 1/4 tsp of l ascorbic powder w/ 1/4 tsp of glycerin w/ 1 tsp of water. mix well until powder is dissolved. wash skin at night w cetaphil antibacterial soap bar, dry, and apply the homeade serum. it will sting because its high potency. store the remaining in a dark bottle in the fridge for about 4 days then discard. vitamin c serum boosts collagen building, natural skin lightener, and smooths the skin too. most companies sell for alot of money, but its junk because vitamin c oxidizes before u even get it. sounds like alot to do but its cheap and effective. use the jojoboa oil after it dries. this moisturizes. the vit c serum will clear acne as well. i learned this from ehow.com and livestrong.com. i did this also. i am on my 2nd week of this and my pimples are gone, and my red marks and hyperpigmentation are reduced dramatically. please try this!!!! lke i said, it stings and tingles, but its worth it..i understand u cant just go buy a clarisonic due to cost so get a bar of cetaphil antibacterial soap, use it day and night...buy a small bottle of 30% glycolic acid peel from MUAC..put it on w a qtip all over face on a friday night. leave on for 3 minutes..will burn. then rinse w cold water and apply neosporin. u wont peel it will just be reddish for a few days, but clears acne around the 2nd week. do it every friday night. then apply the vit c homeade serum sunday night through thursday night..so w that regimen..u will prob spend around 70 bucks all together but its going to work for u..im sure uve tried everything else..so please just try this ok??

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