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Got some Questions -- Looking for answers? HELP?

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I just recently purchased Jamiesons Vitamin A Retinal Renewal Night cream, I've read great reviews on makeupalley.com but I have some questions:

What are the benefits of using Vitamin A ? ( I know it helps soften lines and wrinkles, but what about skintone and discoloration?)

In the long run will i see the same results as if I were using Retin -A or Differin as they are both a higher dose of Vitamin A?

how long would it take to see results?

Has Anyone tried using Vitamin A cream? and what was your results?

I am also using a Alpha Hydroxy and Collegen cream before I use the Vitamin A night cream- I haven't had any reactions or out breaks so far, is this safe?

I was using Olay products but found that it wasnt targetting my main concern in skincare, wich is dicoloration/skin tone. I decided to switch back to Garnier Pure 3-in-1. Its the only thing aside from vitamin E thats my HG! Those two products seem to work the absolute best for me. i currently have no active acne, and if something pops up its really small. I have alot of post acne discoloration/marks as i am brown skin toned.

Morning and Night I cleanse and leave on for 3 minutes, In the morning I moisturize with Vitamin E, and in the Night Vitamin A+ Alpha Hydroxy. Its only been two days so I cant judge, but I have hopes that this will Help.

What do you think? Vitamin E-A& Alpha Hydroxy will help?


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Vitamin a speeds cell turnover,so it can be used as part of an acne regimen as well as pigmentation issues.

Concerning how effective it is, it depends on what strength you get. Retinoids from prescriptions are of the most potent,and OTC products contain retinol. It also depends on the specific product and how it's formulated. I'm sure some serums/creams will have inactive ingredients to help with absorption, but I couldn't tell you which one are best at that.

Acids,Vitamin e,vitamin a...they all help with discoloration. To what extent depends on your own unique skin and how well the product is formulated.Try to purchase trial sizes when available.

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