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I have a strory to tel and I hope I can be stronger after I told it.

I'm 18 year and I'm studiyng a year abroad in Sweden.It should be the best year of my life , but it isn't beacause I started breaking out really bad because I stopped birth control.My acne is really taking ovr my life.At least one day a week I stay home from school beacause I feel to ugly.I'm missing changes to make new friends and to have new excperiences because I feel really unconfident cause of my acne.I'm doing everything I can to get it away , so that I'll be clear when my boyfriend cames to visit me in 3 month.I'm using BP for 1 and a half months , I'm eating really healthy , I try not tpo eat chocolate and to drink less milk, I'm taking vitamins , zinc and fichoil pills,I work out every day, I drink green tea every day, drinking lots of water, changinf pillow cases, not sleeping on my face, trying not to pick my face ( must work harder on that one).And still it looks like crap and I feel hoorible.I don't want to go home with this acne .I hate the idea of seeing my friends again after a year and that they would be thinkin 'God , her skin is reaaaaaly bad'

I try not to think of my skin , but still I'm thinking of it every minute. I just want to be strong enough to bear it but I'm not....Right now I'm in my room skipping school beacause I feel so bad...I know that my acne might be cleared in a couple of months if I just keep on going but it still feels like hell now and I feel even worse if I thnik there a lot of people who have it mutch worse then me....

So that was what I had to say

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That's really tough :(

You have to be patient with holistic methods to work... they take a couple months to start working.

Besides, it sounds like you really need to work on your emotional issues with this... have you tried meditating? Using any emotional release techniques? Keeping a gratitude journal?

I know, it's really hard to feel like you could possibly calm down when your skin is such a bad state, but it will really, really help the acne to go away quicker. Your skin is so full of nerve endings that it's an organ extremely sensitive to emotions and negativity. It's a viscious cycle.

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thanks for you reply and I goes mutch better now:) I do some yoga every morning and try some breathing excercices...I also started reading your blog and it's really interesting....

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