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Glycolic Acid peel/cream?

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I've been considering trying an at home glycolic acid peel for my acne scars. I've had acne since I was 15 (I'm 21 now) and recently started taking saw palmetto and I don't really break out anymore (except around that time of the month :( ) I don't know if it's coincidence or not but either way...it's time to get rid of these RED MARKS!!!!

Anyway, I'm just wondering if these peels cause significant amounts of peeling. I had a peel done a few years ago (blue light dynamic therapy, I think it was called) and my face was a MESS for a week. I was beet red for two days, and then like a shedding snake for the rest of the week! I'm thinking(/hoping) at home glycolic acid peels won't be this intense, though. I'm a nursing student and also work so I absolutely don't have any time for "down time." I've heard from some people that they don't make you visibly peel very much, just flaking, or sometimes nothing at all. Is this true? If not, how long did you peel for, and how intense was it?

I'm also interested in trying a glycolic acid cream, as I've heard glycolic acid is very effective in anti-aging treatments and just damaged skin in general (sun damage/acne scars). So if the peel can't be an option for me, I'm still wanting to use glycolic acid in some form. Has anyone tried such a cream, and what kind of results did you get from it?

I just want to get some reviews before I go and spend money on these products! Thanks and happy healing :dance::cool:

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Wynne started a thread about glycolic acid products you might be interested in.


I tried glycolic acid washes (Aqua Glycolic and then MDForté) that I don't think did much, since I rinsed it right off after a few minutes. I thought I was seeing results, but I then saw the same results from using regular cleanser. I had less acne, but didn't notice my red marks fading faster.

I currently use AHA+ on my chest, back, hands, and feet for acne and red marks (chest and back) and dry skin (all of the above). It works well for the dry skin, but I haven't been using it long enough on my chest and back to tell if it works for acne or red marks. I plan on using it on my face once I've been on DKR longer.

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