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All you're doing is telling us a bunch of things we already know. "Lymphatic system, liver impairment, parasites, poor blood, damaged intestinal flora and drugs/alcohols, etc."-yes, we know. Thank-you. We already have this information/knowledge. Stop representing yourself as an all-knowing god. This site doesn't "refuse" to show any site, you just can't post links because you're a new member. Get your facts straight and stop spamming people.

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LISTEN. Everything you're telling us in your threads is information that has already been discussed on these boards in the past. AKA, we already know. Also, all you have ever told is the cause, you never tell the "cure". You're the sick joke, man.

Also, Dan and this site are the shiz. I may not use the regimen, but still. Don't hate on it. :hand:

ALSO, the fact that these forums exist to discuss and discover other methods if getting rid of acne proves that Dan is NOT barring us from this information. What I'm TRYING to tell you is that we already know the information you're spamming us with. There are even a few pinned topics that discuss these things.

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Any fool who reads this knows it's spam. If you know the cure than why not just post it instead of getting it by email...it's really counter-productive.

Another reason to delete this is because it's in the wrong section.

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It would be lovely if people would not reply to spammers as that just makes more work. Thanks.

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