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Well this is weird...acne starts clearing

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Isn't this just typical? I have been having really bad, non-stop break outs (lots of cysts on jaw and neck that were especially bad), so I get my derm appointment through eventually (on NHS, so had to wait) and he recommends starting me on accutane.

Still in the process of bloods, tests etc. I should get my prescription this Wednesday.

Well, since the derm appt. 2 weeks ago, I have only had 2 pimples! As opposed to 2 a day.

My skin is a lot less oily and just seems to have settled down to its previous more 'manageable' level of acne.

What is going on? Is this some kind of weird 'placebo' effect?!

I have changed a few things....mainly started smoking again (quitting made me depressed); also in past 2 weeks stopped using harsh acne topicals, no acids, no BP and have been moisturising well twice a day. I also briefly fostered a new rescue dog and his needs took my mind of my acne...I guess I also just stopped worrying about it, because I knew I was getting accutane.

However, I have no illusions that it won't come back again and it's not been totally clear either, so I still want to go ahead with accutane, I just hope the derm doesn't change his mind!

Does anyone else get these sudden clear-ups?

I just hope I don't get a horrible IB from accutane, since my skin seems to be behaving better!

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I think you hit the nail on the head. The placebo effect is all about how the body and mind respond to knowing that you are being treated with something. There is a sense of relief that finally something is being done. I have spoken to addicts who say that when they get hold of the substance they are after alot of their withdrawl symptoms just seem to simmer right back down to managable again beore they take the substance.

reducing stress certainly can have a dramatic effect on the skin, Im pretty sure I have read lots about the immune system improving and inflamation reducing with less stress.

I get random clearups but I would never come off my finacea... lovelovelove it and i think i have resolved the jawline issue.

getting a rescue dog sounds like a fantastic idea :)

hope your feeling good :)

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Oh hi Crystal-Willow!

I gave up on Finacea, just didn't seem to be doing anything for me. Hmmm, yes, must be a stress thing, though actually my foster dog experience was a bit stressful, as he was only about a year old, waaaayy too boisterous for my 12 year old greyhound (who got scared of him), so unfortunately, had to go back to the rescue kennels. Was a different type of stress though...stressing about acne is just the worst!

I do think my no topicals skincare regime is a factor, my face just is less irritated (use calamine lotion as a mask and Sudocrem to spot treat, but that's all). Also, I've stopped taking all supplements (zinc, Vit B etc.), don't take any and I've been eating all the rubbish of the day (junk food, yesss! and sugar and just whatever I fancy)

Still going with the Accutane, I just hope that it clears me up for good!

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