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i must vent, its making me angry/depressed

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alright, so i have this friend, for our purposes ill call him kyle, hes like one of my best friends if not my best friends, i dont have a lot of good friends, just a handfull, and he really is a good good friend of mine

he has a friend, which ill call greg, thats friends with him but i dont know him very well, and i get the impression that he might not like me for some reason (well no reason actually, ive hardly talked to him)

Story time:

I have last period class (im a junior in high school) with kyle, and I was pretty happy about that. So of course we talk a lot all class, happy as can be, really good friends. Bell rings, day is over. When we walk out the door of the class greg, his friend, comes out of a door thats pretty close, and they always see eachother. Well of course we are walking in the middle of a conversation. As soon as kyle sees greg, hes like "hey greg!" and like runs over to him to talk to greg. I am standing there with a dropped jaw saying "wtf who just stole my friend." They run off to the parking lot in happy conversation and im just trying to keep up with them (of course behind, they dont even see but im hoping kyle remembers i exist) and they leave, without a word to me. Im sitting here talking to kyle, and he runs off oblivious to my existance to greg. Its like a trigger, as soon as he sees greg i turn invisible.

I know you probably think this is just a whine of jealousy that my best friend is starting to hang out with another guy that doesnt know me, but this is happening everyday (often twice a day) now. I will be hanging out with kyle, and "hey greg!" and im no longer in his presence. This is seriously depressing. Your thinking "ok kyle is a jerk", but I dont know, it seems like we are extremely good friends all other times. Im not sure he understands what is happening, theres no reason the 3 of us cant like walk toghether.

Recently greg came up with the idea of dying his hair black, and him and kyle did it "toghether" and I didnt even know about it until after it happened. Greg is this like "im emo" guy that plays bass in an emo highschool omg i have problems and im dissorganized band. Greg gets Kyle to do shitwork for the band, he runs the website, he cleans their shit up in the damn garage, he carries their stereo equipment to shows, hes like Greg's bitch. I told kyle the band is just a stupid emo band and he was like "no i fucking hate emo its retarded", and by the way he really does hate emo music. He doesnt like ANY other bands that you can even joke about being emo. Then finally he admitted it was emo music but still "liked it". It seems like this greg guy has changed him, and not for the better. Kyle now has a habit of making up stupid problems to tell everyone about. He prides himself on the 10 or so medications he has been prescribed over the last 2 months, which include ADHD medication (adderal), various anti-depressents (never would suspect hes depressed, like ever), various anti-anxiety drugs, etc. Problems that are in his mind that nowone else can really detect. Why does he have to have problems in his life to feel complete?

I think my life is rather trouble free. Sure acne sucks but it doesnt matter. This is my first real emo problem, i normally dont conform to the bullshit.

It seems like he ranks his friends from 1-10. 1 being the best, greg. And if anyone else lower on his little chain of ranks is around when he sees number 1, he abandons them for his little idol.

I dont know how to talk to him about it without making the problem far far worse, considering i know he will say "just because im hanging out with other people doesnt mean you get to complain, stop whining faggot" or something to make sure he keeps masculine. Because while he has plenty of emo problems, he doesnt care about anyone elses emo problems.


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get new friends; I used to have a friend like the one you're describing. You just have to face the fact that people grow apart over time and become disinterested in each other.

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I wouldnt say get new friends...we yeah, but not in that tone. It's usually not a good idea to burn bridges. Growing apart over time is fine, but just cutting people off immediately isnt always a good idea - especially in this case. Unfortunately you'll have a harder time - but there are some good people out there...just gotta find some that you share interests with. I usually started with the "new kids" at school...very easy to make friends with them - I should know - I was in 9 different schools KinderCare through college.

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well ive had friends for longer, and though interest is lost we still talk quite a bit, but i understand what your saying

the weird thing is though, we are toghether a whole lot, and when we are toghether we are totally interested, like we have a great time

we are engrossed in a happy conversation, laughing, being happy

here comes greg, the moment he sees him he calls his name or something or says hey to him, and i just know he will never say another word to me, and he doesnt, like im not there

i really feel like greg is using him, heres some situations:

greg wrecks his car, no car for a while, kyle becomes personal showfer, im not talking about he takes him home from school and stuff liek that, im talking like he would call kyle and be like "hey i need to go over to ian's house" and kyle would say "oh ok" and drop whatever hes doing, pick him up, take him to ian's, and leave, because he didnt know ian

when does a friend ask a friend to do things like that?

heres something greg and kyle were supposedly doing "toghether"

they are meeting up to get some quick stuff then goto his house, and greg has another one of his friends coming too. greg and his friend arrive at the place, we call him because we know hes probably there cuz we hit some red lights, kyle says yeah we will be there in like 2 minutes, greg is like we? kyle is like yeah sean is coming, thats why u dont have the number on ur phone, they hang up

we arrive (im with him) 2 minutes later, and they are gone

we call and greg says "oh well we got tired of waiting for you guys so we left, sorry"

im 99% sure it was because i was coming, and kyle doesnt stand up for me at all

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my clique and i are tight

the problem seems to be the "clashing" of two cliques, and im getting left behind

i think (or hope) he doesnt understand what hes doing, you know what i mean? because when we are toghether everything is damn peachy and im way too happy to even think about being mad at him or provoking something

i feel like i need some way to tell him, but i know theres a good chance of messing stuff up and then really regretting it

i dont want to sound like im jeleous that he got a new "friend", because thats good for him and all, and i know if i say something and he doesnt have a "moment of clarity" or some sort of understanding, sure thing he will tell greg and then shit will go real bad, because the way i see it as of now greg stands higher on his list then me, and if he told greg it would come to it being "me or him", and i REALLY dont want that happening, and i wouldnt ask him to lose a good friend over it

i just expect some fucking recognition that im still alive when we im around

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wow i tried to talk to him tonight, i dropped pretty obvious hints that something was wrong, and he wouldnt stop talking about all the cool shit he did today

well you know what, i went home and was fucking depressed because the few friends i have, have me when they want, and discard me when they dont

i want the simple days back, 8th grade, your friends were your fucking friends

i have one good friend i know is good, fucking one

ive known him for about 6 years, hes stood up for me, ive stood up for him, and we arent afraid to fucking admit we are great friends

fucking two faces i swear

fuck high school drama

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I always prefer to have one or two good friends anyway, and I like being friends with people who have no other friends. That's how I find good friends.

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wed make a good match then sad.gif unfortunately i like having atleast a few friends, because frankly im kind of a social person (though not incredibly outgoing, weird i know) and i feel very alone, often. Hopefully this new school year (and undeniable increased skin quality smile.gif) will bring some new good friends along, because im going to talk to him directly tommorow, and its going to be blunt, aka i think your being a two faced jackass

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Demigod. In situations such as this you need to be careful of the way you word things. Be honest (if hes a friend he will understand) but dont be biting and viscious because this will breed contempt.

Tell him straight up he is acting shady, playing favorites with his friends is a crab move and hes walking sideways. Honestly I remember in highschool, id be in a little group with my good friend talkin to some folks, he'd recognize someone 10 feet away, hed go talk to them and decide that they were planning on ditching school early, instead of just leaving he would yell out my name, tell me to come with and off we'd go on an adventure.

It was always like this.

If your friend isnt like this hes not being a friend. I mean, ignoring you like that is unacceptable. Your not a person he can just "rent" for a few hours and dispose you like a used tampon when he feels like it.

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your my friend is exactly like you describe, except LEAVING OUT the part that he would yell out my name and we go have an adventure :-/ and haha the used tampon thing i also came up with when describing it to a friend, when he wants me he loves me, and when hes done he throws me away smile.gif ill try and talk to him tommorow

and if we see his friend while we are toghether and he runs off like a little faggot, ill be sure to call out his name and make sure he realises that im still alive over here, i didnt dissapear as much as hed like me to smile.gif

i hope all goes well, then again knowing my general assholeness im sure it will come out wrong and ill just look like an asshole and it will suck, bleh

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that was really strange...

like i have a class where all 3 of us are in the same class now, and normally hed sit with his friend and id be alone sitting there like "ummm..." but for some unknown fucking reason him and his friend sit by me today, out of the blue, and its like normal

how the hell am i going to explain what i think is going on when he CHANGES it when i try? i think he understood what was going on for some reason or figured out from my hints (aim profile had a pretty discriptive story in it, about a friend that rejects you for someone "cooler" or something) so mabye he got a clue? it was weird because the 3 of us were like, next to eachother, and i was speaking, haha

who knows

i think all this high school stress made me break out, this is a pretty bad one

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the problem definitely wasnt my imagination

because at first i considered he just forgot/made a mistake/had something important

but the thing is, the way our last class is set up it happened to me every damn day

i start whining about stupid emo shit

he does exactly what i wish he would do

i think he just figured it out, or mabye today was a fluke of good friendship, we shall see

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nothing is worse then no friendship IMO

think about it, if a rich guy gives you $100 million dollars out of pitty, do you deny it and say "OMG ITS OUT OF PITTY, I HAVE MY HONOR YOU FILTHY RICH SCUMBAG"


if an amazingly beautifull chick (with atleast an average personality bb_lol.gif) has sex with you, are you going to say "no i dont want your pitty sex, whore!"


but things have gotten better, he asked me about that aim message like teh next day and i just made something stupid and horribly unbelievable up, even i was ashamed in my lieng ability cool.gif

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