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neosporin is AWESOME

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i started using neosporin due to a previous post and i got to say, this is GREAT. i've tried a lot of products but neosporin stands out for sure. i put it on pimples and they reduce dramatically overnight. i have some bumps from pimples that didnt form.. they're big bumps, i don't know what they are but they've been there for about a month or two without shrinking. i put some neosporin on those and after ONE night.. ONE night .. it shrinks about 50 %! i suggest all of you try it out and let everyone know if it works as great for you as it have been for me.

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I used the Neosporin last night on a pimple i got yesterday, and this next morning it was gone. I couldnt beleive how fast it can clear a pimple. The stuff really works !!

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this shit is working out great everything going down had a nice healthy one on my temple the other day, some neosporin probably half gone now. I'm gonna keep using this every night for a while my red marks might be going down but they might just be fading oon there own or this 3% zinc oxide i'm using who knows.

read on the oitment that it has cocoa butter base, is this bad? i don't think any zits I'm getting are from this since i accidently stopped bp for a day :/ can't be sure yet I'll continue

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What is this neosporin stuff????

I'm from the Uk, so what is the product and what are any of its selling websites, so I can look at it.


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I think I've read cocoa butter is a pore-clogging substance but... i'm not quite sure. I'm DEFINITELY going to have to try this neosporin trick, because I'm currently on accutane and not allowed to use any type of topicals (so of course i'm just DYING to spot treat!)

Thanks for the tip! Lets hope it doesn't make me 10x worse...

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