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Alright, so, I have had acne for four years now. I'm 22. First it was severe, then it went to mild, and now I just have acne on my forehead. I believe my cause of Acne is puberty because of my Thyroid problem(Overactive), it caused me to be a 'late bloomer'.

I believe I'm in the final stages of Acne. Because from my eyes down, I'm clear. Only places I have acne are my temples & my forehead.

So, I decided that it was time for a hairstyle change because of my oily forehead & hair. I made an appointment with my haircut lady and told her I wanted something different. Instead of the Fade with the bangs laying on the forehead, decided that I wanted a messy spike look. With this hairstyle I needed gel, so she recommended a mold/paste instead of the oily gel.

Well, it has been a few days & my face is doing remarkably better. No new acne, and my face is just red because that's how it heals; That's the worst part about my acne, I can get rid of the pimples fast but it just takes months to heal! I touch my forehead, and no oil whatsoever. Also, I have been putting on Tazarac cream twice a day, so that seems to be helping as well. My face has never broke out from Tazarac.

So, I'll update in a couple of days to see how this is going!

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