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Newbie to Accutane ... recommendations are welcome :)

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Tomorrow I begin the first of many appointments to receive my prescription for Accutane. I had thought my battle with acne had ended in high school, little did I know that less than ten years later, I would be faced with it again.

In high school, I had the occasional breakout here and there. It was only that I had not seen a dermatologist soon enough that I was left with permanent but minor scars easily covered with makeup.

This time around, things haven't been quite that easy. I went from a regimen that included over-the-counter products (neutrogena) to prescription (duac/Retin-A) to trying natural products (zinc/tea tree oil/jojoba oil) and back again to prescription topical medicine. In the span of 9 months I have seen my skin go from the bad to the worst it's ever been.

Now, after having received a second opinion, I am going to start Accutane. After seeing one of my best friend's deal with the side effects, I was sure I would never go on it. But the last three months have been miserable. Instead of going to the gym, I work out at home. Instead of going out to lunch, I eat at my desk. Instead of going out on the weekends, I stay in because I'm "too tired". I'm at my breaking point. I have never been one to have low self-esteem but I can't bear the thought of people seeing my face this way.

I have read many many posts on Accutane. I am completely aware of the MANY potential side effects I may face. Had I known things would get to where they are now, I would've started sooner.

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