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Unprotected Veins in head causing acne

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Hey everyone, I thought I'd try seeking help regarding a life long acne problem that is probably very uncommon. I am 21 years old now but ever since I was roughly 10 years old I started to get acne. I have never in my life before the age of 10 have had a clean looking face. Not only that, but my skin looks very unhealthy and its never looked healthy in 11 years. I know that my acne case might be a bit different though then most others. Well first off, I'll let you all know that I was born with a crumpled up ear drum in my left ear, and also my hair has started to turn gray since probably the age of 10 as well (not much though, probably 5% of my hair is gray). So I defiantly wasn't born perfect but I'm not complaining! Anyways, the doctors told me that I have veins in the left side of by face that aren't protected so just watch out and don't get into fights! But... I really think that there's a bigger picture as to why I have always had acne my entire life and I believe that it has something to do with those veins. I don't know much detail because I was like 9 years old when the doctors told my parents this which then told me about it so I guess its not a huge deal... Anyways I've taken accutane 5 times for 5 years and it didn't help AT ALL, all it did was irritate my skin even more and make my acne come out more and make my face look even more unhealthy. I've tried eating better, not having any sugar and staying away from dairy products for the most part. I've been using pro-active for years and I work out like 3 - 4 times a week. I am 100% sure that my acne is caused by a bigger picture but I just have no idea and I just want to be normal honestly... Sometimes its hard for me to get a job, like now... and I'm willing to spend thousands on a fix. If anyone knows about unprotected veins causing acne or have any idea what I can do that would be seriously life changing for me. I know this is kind of a long shot but I hope someone knows!

PS: Any time I try to get some sun, it causes acne. Also any time I eat, it doesn't matter what it is, it will cause acne. I don't care if its salad without any ranch, its gonna cause acne! :( It just seams as if my body is just very very very sensitive to anything, and I've always had REALLY bad allergies. I just think it all has to do with these veins. Soon I'll talk to my doctor about it but still I think it would be really good if I know more about my problem from the help of others, you guys! Because I have been to many doctors in my life and none of them have helped with my case and I'm finally starting to maybe understand my body more than them when it comes to acne, I don't know but I really hope someone does!

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