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Accutane Log, 17 M / Moderate

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Well, where do i start? Im 17 male and from london england, i go to sixthfrom, and well ive had acne for 2 years, and they were my worst two years of my life, eventhough i could say i was the most popular kid in my school having acne didnt help when you got into an argument, that was the first thing they would go for.. well anyway ive tried every prescribed medicine and products available but it wouldnt get rid of my acne, i get very worried and self concious about having acne, i blame it for not having a job and other stuff, eventhough i have a girlfriend of 7 months, i still get insecure that she will leave me for another guy, eventhough she tells me all the time she dosent notice them and she thinks im the most handsome boy she will ever meet, she supports me alot, anyway i know im abit late but ive been on Accutane 20mg since Wednesday 26th January 2011 and hopefully ill update this anytime something major happens! just seeing all the success stories wants is making me want to get clear! and just in time for summer! so here it is! oh yeah i have more scars than i do acne so it makes it look worse :(

Day 5

Dunno if its possbile to have IB this quickly? but the acne that on my cheeks have increased in since but there dying down, my little acne spots have dryed out and im still quiet red in the face, only side effects experiencing is dry lips and nose, getting few spots under my chin and above my upper lip. and i had TGI fridays and mcds milkshake :( alot of fatty foods will that effect me?

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