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Ive been working hard at clearing my face, and im pretty much clear off all major active acne (i still get small pimples but they go away within a couple days). So last week.... I notice a cyst forming on my upper right cheek. I do everything i can to try and stop it but like 3-4 days ago it finally erupted and it was big and red. Since thats like the only mark i have on my face it really stood out, i hid in my room for a couple days then i finally decided to answer my phone and meet up with some friends. As soon as we meet up the first thing I hear "Hey man whats up, what the hell happened to your face?" I wasnt really that mad since these are my good friends and i am comfortable talking to them, but then we met up with another friend of mine and he asked me the EXACT same thing. THis pissed me off so i went home got a needle and squeezed it till i saw a head then lanced the shit out of it. This morning its a little bit better but now i know that Im gonna have to deal with a scar or something cause of how hard i squeezed it. But its huge (maybe like the size of a dime). I know this story really doesnt have any point but im just frustrated, now i have to spend the next week hiding out like osama bin laden and i have plans with other people for the weekend etc. Anyone know of anything i can put on this to dry it up and heal it as fast as possible ? sad.gif

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Im a big fan of "Fruit of the Earth" Aloe Vera...it'll help speed up the healing.

I know how you feel. I have this huge black birthmark on my left arm...If I dont wear longsleve shirts, its as visibile as a black on white. I got constant questioning and stares though grade and high school. I even got to the point where I wore nothing buy longsleve shirts all year long for the last 3 years of high school and first 2 years of college. I cannot count how many times little kids stare and ask their mommies and daddies what is on my arm...the parents just say stop starring and drag their kids away from me. When I get sick of it I just told them I had leopadsy (spelling?). Some people say they'd rather people ask about it instead of stare and run away....personally, Id rather them not say anything and realize that people are different..then look at themselves and realize that they have some imperfections as well.

It sucks...but it's the easiest way to meet "quality" people...I've got a great wife and some really good friends now. "It just takes TIME".

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