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UPDATE- Started spiro on 12/13/2010

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I just wanted to give you all an update on my progress with spiro. When I first started taking it I swear it m ade my skin worse. I know most doc say there is no IB but I had one or mybe my hormones were ust going crazy. Well I got so sick feed up with waking up to another new cyst pimple I decided to up my dose. So now I take 25mg three times a day instead of 50 mgs a day. I know I should follow my doctors orders but I cant say I regret it. I increased my dose about a week ago, I also cut milk out of diet and bought oil obsorbing sheets. Since then every cyst pimple has gone away. And I havent gotten a new one. I know its onlly been a week but I am shocked and I hope this continues. So i dont know if its the milk, oil sheets, or the fact that I increased the spiro. Maybe its all three. Oh I also stopped taking all the vitamins I was taking. Im so affraid to change anything. I wil let you know if my skin continues to improve or if i am just having good luck.

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hi! congrats! don't you think you should just tell your doctor to up the dose? be careful managing your own meds! get your potassium levels checked just in case....after 2 months, my doctor and i upped my dosage from 25 mg twice a day to 50 mg twice a day. i'm seeing improvement for sure.

take care and be careful!

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