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Guest pokemonster

my fkn regimen

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Alright man I'll do my best to try and suggest stuff, but I'll be looking at your regimen in detail later on.

For mood/depression and that sort of thing, a supplement called NAC (n-acetylcysteine) has a lot of studies backing it up. St John's Wart is another one, and Valerian will help you with sleep and anxiety. Tyrosine and creatine are other things that help focus, cognition, and alertness.

I don't think it's possible to overdose on Vitamin D, especially D3. This has a lot of benefits, so definitely keep it in your regimen. I'd ditch the milk, get almond milk if you need to drink milk. Even Organic still has hormones in it that are meant for the calf etc. 2 eggs a day are actually pretty good for you, just don't deep fry them or anything. Cooking them on low to medium helps them turn out perfect! Drinking a type of hot tea with your meals aids in digestion. Check to see if your hot cocoa has sugar in it, that might not be helping so much. Also, if you're sensitive to sugar, then some fruits may or may not hurt you, but I have lots of fruits in my green smoothies (like 4 or 5 servings) and I don't think it really exacerbates my acne as much as it improves flavor and other health benefits.

Try to go to sleep and wake up the same time, sleep in complete darkness, and wake up to the sun etc. Caffeine can be a no no for some people with acne, but I drink green tea once or twice a week and it seems to do no harm.

I'm curious, how does your skin respond to BP treatments and such?

Goodluck bunny! I deem you Asian!

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY


valerian root does nothing for me :shrug:, makes me a bit calmer but never sleepy n my cats just go supersaiyan from them lawl. but if it works for u, keep using it, just dont drink every day, i remember it was bad for u or something, so just in case ukno!

ummz actually overdosing vit d is pretty dangerous dude, or so i know at least. i just wonder how much ui is too much per day. i searched on this but it varies alot everywhere so idk now @[email protected]'

i usually eat just boiled in water eggs without frying them at all, idk if thats better tho

n nope i use only cocoa powder without anything else than cocoa, so its fine i think

i dont use bp anymore dude, it irritates my skin n makes it more red than it already is, soo nope im not gonna be using it anymore deff. do u use it? well i think how it works depends on person, for some its wow ohsome great, but for some ew bleh, so if it works for u then cool.

well thnx for suggestions anywayz dude! n i swear im only azn at heart! xD i told u already, havent i! cmon! ;)

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Oh I don't take valarian, just finding stuff for ya :D

And you're right! I didn't know that surprisingly. I don't take vitamin D myself, but I might start. Good thing you mentioned it!

And I use BP occasionally, I'd like to not use it eventually though.

And I gave you some of my asian so you can be asian now, try not to have a heart attack :P

So how's your skin doing? Constant improvement, no matter how slow, will win the race eventually!

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY


i increased my vit d to 3 drops, so it makes 2000 IU + from multivitamin 800 IU, so in total it makes ~2800 IU now, so i wonder if it isnt too much? :think:

anyhow since i take multivit with water, then maybe vit d in it isnt too absorbed, since its fat not water solluble? l:S


im eating more greens now, like: broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts. n green beans sometimes, but do they count? n wut about green pea? :think:

no gluten grains anymore, just had a bit brown rice today.

still cant help honey tho :- but today i had like only 1 teaspoon!!! o.0 n we had huuge epic milk chocolate bar at home but i took all my powah together and..RESISTED IT!! >8/

skin status

breaking out large whiteheads on jawline n other places, but dam picked them yesterday (lost my no-pick competition -_- starting over again tomorrow >.>)

cant tell if redmarks fading or what, bcz sometimes seems like they start fading, then other moment nope, so idk yet @[email protected]'


thnx ur to kind, but u dont have to ukno, bcz i have plan n im sticking to it now, n im actually gonna try that ethical cure guys system too once ill get cash (for lemons lol)

just today i read some thread on bp n many ppl said it wrinkles skin n prematurely ages skin, so its another negative about it, u might consider, but well at least u dont use it daily, so i guess its not too bad :shrug:

*turns into azn bcz tim used his special powers to turn ppl into azns*

arigato tim-sempai! watashi wa sugoooi desss, yattaa! >3</

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY

im doing everything according to my plan cept diet .__.'

i was cheating on it lately. mainly with honey ofc, yesterday had more than tbsp of it + hand of unsoaked nuts n today had 2 slices of black rye bread, tbsp of honey n 2 rows of milk chocolate >____>'

im eating more greens now tho n doing good with avoiding grains/gluten (cept that rye bread today n brown rice few days ago, but rice is allowed, right?)

in few days will be my b-day n well be making raw vegan cake, but its gonna be full of sugary stuff tho (honey, dates, fruits, nuts etc) but after that i promise myself ill deff get more srs about diet, n try to eliminate sugar completely T.T (well cept fruits, bcz few fruits sometimes can totally stay, mehh)

skin status:

breaking out on chin very much, also some on cheeks n other places, clogged pores as allways etc but acne that i have now arent too much, but painful, big n deep whiteheads :X

overall face redness have lessened a bit but redmarks still there n i allways compare my arms skin to my face skin, n damn theres just such a difference, i wonder if its for others like that too?


oh and sleeping! i still cant fix it :doubt:

going to sleep no sooner 3-4am, i just cant sleep early at all no matter what! :doh: i wish it would be enough to sleep like 3-4 hours per day n no more than that, i just hate to waste so much time on sleeping, n esp at night bcz night is the best time of day anywayz :l

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Your regimen is so crazy! That is a long list of things you're doing there! I couldn't even finish reading it all ;) I hope you find success in it even though it seems like a lot. I try to keep my regimen as simple as possible because I'm thinking in the long term. Are all the things you're doing right now something you want to do for years and years?

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The best way to fix your sleep schedule is willpower, and waking up super early and then forcing yourself to stay up until it's a reasonable time to go to bed (9 ish).

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY


but ofc duh i dont wanna do those things not now, not later or ever ofc :dozing: but duh i pretty much have no choice, do i? :shrug: i mean i do fukin despise restrictions, rules, hassle, troublesomness n all this shit but kyaaa i hate acne with passion too yknow :doubt:


dude ikno ikno -__- buut anywayz it doesnt work for me bcz if i wake up early, i end up beind dead X__X all day n that would be nothing for 1 day as a sacrifice for fixing sleep right? but the thing is even if i go earlier to sleep that day n wake up etc, next day everything is the same way anywayz :dry: well anyhow i did a little progress yesterday, i went to sleep at 1 am-ish, but then again, it was mostly bcz net was broken xD

new plan

there r alot of changes in my current regimen, like some of u may remember this "conspiracy, symptoms & acne cure" thread by mcjakejones or ethical care, that was banned, he then was sending many of us his emails etc. so i mailed him, he sent me his program n i decided to give it a shot, if anyone is interested, i can send u that file or give his email or something.

anyhow even tho im doing all of his rules pretty much already, the thing that i havent tried yet myself is this parasite cleanse n he says kinda like: whoo u get everything cured etc, like even scarz? o__0 well idk bout that tho, however im gonna do this bcz it may save me from fasting hassle, which i planned for 30 days, but his system is like only 19 days n then ur supposedly free from acne n that intrigues me so i wanna try that, n u can be sure ill tell u my very honest, blunt, nonhyped opinion about results ;D

i just wanna be cleaar by spring rly much! >8/ so i can go out n rollerskating n do bunch of stuff, daaam!! >.<

n im already at day 2 of this system, basicalee u gotta drink glass of lemon juice morning n evening (5 lemons), dont drink while eat (already doing it since forever), follow kind of alkaline food diet n eliminate alot of things (ill just be having 2 green smoothies n maybe some fruit each day), have lots of garlic n onion at some point, n somewhere in the middle of process make 2 LF n start probiotic supplement. oh also u gotta stop all supplements ur using, but im gonna leave the vit D n rosehip oil tho.

(well he writes it more detailed n planned out, so if u wanna know just pm me, ill send u stuff)

oh & its a 2 days now since i havent had a drop of honey T^T

so far so good, but i have to survive upcoming dads n gmas name days tho .__.' there gonna be bunch of awasome shit! dam will gotta do my best! .___.

[editing some of those changes in op]


as usual, only i give myself more freedom about it, like not strictly follwing everything, like fe i may go to sleep some night without applying anything, also i cut on aloe atm n taking a bit break from acv as well (both internally n topically) also for oil regimen, i add walnut oil sometimes

-current skin status-

the stuff that i was talking about in mah previous post ^^^ has almost dried up, not too much new break outs, big whiteheads-whoa none (must be work of those greens!), no irritation or redness, clogged pore thingz slightly smaller, still there n fuglee as hell tho :doh:,

ol discoloration theeer, the scar also there, improved maybe by 1% but thats probably only bcz its redness lessened

n zombie veins..R THERE! n not even plan to go away it seems!! >8/ i rly wonder if i had zombies in my family or something, the fck? they couldve been at least beautiful corpse deamon, zombie vampires >3> but u probz have no clue what am i blabbering about, hah meh xD

& liquid vitamin d 2000 iu at morning with tsp of rosehip oil, right before food

Edited by fugleee_dumbBUNNY
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I'm curious as to how his program works out! He probably wouldn't have been banned if he wasn't acting all..."please ban me" lol

What I usually do is force myself to wake up with an alarm, around 6 am, have caffeine to keep me up (no drinks past 2) and be active throughout the day, and then take a sleeping aid or sleeping tea around 7-8, k.o. around 9 ish. I prefer melatonin since it's the body's natural sleep time hormone, and it seems to have a long term effect in the sense that I always go to sleep around the same time now :D

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Guest Bloody Corpse Deamonn duh

^ yea lol ikno, i told him that too, he understands it himself now, too bad that thread was deleted tho.

what kind of sleeping tea u take (cept valerian)? n how long does it take for it to take effect on u? :/

day 4 at system & bitch it was hell x__x' bcz its said that today u have to start to include like 1-3 cloves of garlic n 1/4 of onion in your food, twice times, so i did n daamn it buuurned like heelll~!! i tried to eat as fast as i can to swallow that shit asap, but still it burned the hell out of my mouth so much my eyes started to water, n then i started to eat even faster but it burned even moar!!! x__x n then from all that all of a sudden i get this lol attack (while mouth is still full of food n burning + crying) n i just start to lol n cant stop it, i swear i barely stopd myself from shooting all that stuff out on my monitor. damn it was so lame :doh: & how am i gonna do this for 19 days? .___. i just need an idea on how to get that garlic n onion inside at once >.>' and im not even talking about how u gotta walk around like complete stinker :doh: for all day afterwards u eat that stuff despite u brushed your teeth super thoroughly, just dayum what all acne makes u to do!! >x/

skin status

flakey, dry-ish, 1 rly nasty pimple appeared overnight, other than that nothing new that i can notice right away, n other stuff just same old shit taking its time to dry out.

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Guest Bloody Corpse Deamonn duh

day 6 at system, not everythings going as smooth as i expected, although i shouldve know it by now, that nothings ever going smooth if its my life >_>

so theres this thing i have to eat liek 6 garlic cloves n onion 2 times a day n its like beating your mouth up, even tho i kinda blended all that shit with greens n try to swallow asap etc, but still it buuurned soo much that i even sarted to cry fo real lol T_T (stupid chicken wuss me) maybe bcz im also depressed again tho, but idk, but yea food im eating right now is 1 of the shittiest nastiest shit ever, i swear. xD i feel like puking all the time. and greens, oh those greens -__- im so sick of them that i dont even wanna nag about them :X

but idk what else to eat :shrug:, besides u need yo daily greens, cant skip them etc, right? but after all the garlic shit n greens i already feel fuulll :X n i just cant eat more, so basically its just shitload of garlic, onions, greens, oils n lemon juice, while ppl around stuff themselves with epic candy n tasty foods etc. myeahh rocks to be me >_>..buttt then again id be ok with being send straight to hell too if it would help to improve shit somehow, meh, so if it will be needed i can eat just raw garlic all the time, cant promise i wont rage tho but will do anywayz tho -__-

anyhow im like sooo loow at moods atm that idk, some moments i feel like screw everything, i dont want anything anymore >_> n i just hate everything, i hate my parents, i hate all the ppl (& if someone is reading this atm, then yes u too! xD), everything n esp myself >_<, just hate hate hate haaate xO im so full of rage at moments that idk how to stop it, well basically depressss -___- so idk,

also ammounts i have to spend in kitchen to prepare all the shit while our fuking blender is half broken is annoying as hell too, aand ofc its gotta be super coldest winter ever right today when i have to go after tons of lemons to like far from home mal, basically my whole day was spent in freezing cold outside lifting ton of lemons, then i swear hassle in kitchen took like 1/2 of day o_0 n ofc then gaging while trying to get down all that shit, crying n raging, n well yea my day was suppaa fun! :dance:

i also added black cummin seed to regimen, tsp 3x a day, n wait 15 minutes before food. i also increase rosehip oil to 2 tsp per day, 1 at morning together with cummin oil n vit D, n 1 at evening before sleep.

dont give too much shit about topicals atm, just cleanse with tea cleanser from time to time, will apply jojoba overnight today..

i just wanna cake, sweets, flawless skin, look kicking n do something interesting or fun already :dozing::dozing::dozing:

skin status

mehhhhHH~ :dot:

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Guest Bloody Corpse Deamonn duh

so i did like ~7 days of that system, but then this dude urged me to do pineapple fast aand since i wasnt doing too properly the system, i mean i did it all right i could buut there was few obstacles n mistakes i did so it didnt went all that smooth, so i decided im gonna do this pineapple fast for three days n then continue the system from like 4 or 5 day again, yep..

day 1 on pineapple fast

aaaand guess whaa? so i was depresssd n all, went to check fuglyness in mirror, for a moment thought hey acne/red stuff improving? but then thought baaa must be my imagination orz wrong light etc n then mom stops in front of me n annoyingly stares n im like wtf u stare for? :confused: n momz like: hmm..looks like its improving! :geek: n im like o realeee? o__o' goez back to check in mirror n..naaaw i see nothing diff. but hey if my mom says it looks diff then maybe this is actually working? i mean its from other persons perspective afteral, which should be more true :think: well ofc shes geezer n all (which is-cant be trusted) buut im sure she can tell difference between colors red & skin color sooo...for now ill assume its going to heal, even if a bit but whatev i need HOPE at least >_>

oh and damn u just dunno what kind of a shit i gotta eat on that system :X xD its like nightmare! aand! hell! at the same time i swear! X_________X just thinking about that stuff makes me wanna puuuke :X:X:X

anyhow pineapple fast thing seems like real pleasure to do compared to that garlic/onion stuff xD although so far idk if i can even call it fast much bcz atm feeling pretty stuffed with all those pineapples? xD ill have to make sure im doing this right ^^' cant afford doing this wrong since those bitch pineapples for 3 days r costly fo sho ykno >.>'

just what all does acne n shit makes me do!!! :doh::doh::doh:

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Guest Bloody Corpse Deamonn duh

day 2 on pineapple fast

n without hype can tell u ppl, it works? /:T

tbh i havent had such quick results from any other natural treatment befor. :confused: even tho there r some sudden whiteheads (detox stuff maybe?) on chin area, my skin color have improved in a way i didnt thought it would o__o even redmarks looks like have begun fading, i mean there deff is less redness overall, now i can see it even myself :confused:

ofc scars r scars n redmarks-old timers r real ass to fade & pores r pores too, n probz will take alot longer tim ofc :doubt: n since i really am zombie then zombie veins r there to stay anywayz ofc yea >_>

..BUT! i can totally see how this could cure somebody with mild acne rly quickly, n totally.

so like if u have some event coming up real soon or ur just like fuk it wanna get over this asap, try doing this, endure it out n itll be ohsome for u im pretty sure of it! its just 3 days ppl! (pretty costly to get all the pineapples tho (9 or 12) n u need juicer or blender, straw n plastic gloves, but those r like only requirments with this)

wellz..this kind of improvement so far usually for me would take..months? :/ but hey i dont wanna sound like just silly hype over something so-so, thats y ill see what happens tomorrow on last day of this n then tell my final opinion on this fo sho, but i rly think this is pretty good stuff actually :-

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Guest Bloody Corpse Deamonn duh

so yesterday i finished my 3 day pineapple fast!! :1eye::dance:

aand ukno what? it rly improved my skin in such short period of timez, like im gonna say this is pretty cool thing to do if u can, actually :thumbsup:

ofc no miracles like bam & ur clear (with condition like mines at least, but i do believe u can cure your mild acne with this tho)

anywayz how it worked me:

overall redness: huuge improvement, like minus ~40-50% of redness

overall redmarks & discoloration has faded for..hmmz :think: 15-20%? n i find it pretty good thing since several weeks of cleansing twice a day with acv toner (50/50) improve them only by 3-5% maybe, n thats like weeks, but here just in 3 days!

scars: cant say fo sho but i do see a little improvement there too, buut to make sure im not imagining things, ill make some pics tomorrow n match with previously made ones (might post them here as well)

zombie veins: naaw still thar ofc but since skin looks better overall now they dont stick out as much it seems, well i gotta think about it a bit more befor judge tho :think:

pores: less clogged, got smaller, yep.

& finally acneee: weirdly but during zis there were no break outs other than ~5 whiteheads, n only on chin area, & i even think maybe it was from that i was wearing scarf pretty much all the time & maybe it irritated skin and/or bacteria stuff happened etc or something? :think:

*btw i also didnt wash or cleanse or apply aaanything on face during this

*while i was on this my sleep was more normal too! i even went to sleep n woke up earlier, at better time

but today fe i ate n sleep a bit longer n had dinner later than should n its screwed up again, ill just never fix that damn fuking sleep =____= y the fck do we even need to sleep? body couldve develop some more convenient way on how to restore energy, well fuuk ..its almost 3am again n im not even sleepy, just ohsom :doubt:

anyhow this is just beginning of the whole program yet, i still have shitload of days ahead of garlic/onion hell :X:X:X:X:X Y____Y but im a bit prrocrrrastinatingg atm however >.>' due to some obstacles with getting some needed stuffs for all this programm thing but im gonna keep doing it anywayz, i just rly rly hoope i wont screw results of this fast (which btw was more like stuffing yourself than fast actually :teehee: ) with foods, so im like realyy scared to eat anything atm @[email protected] in fear of it could reduce benefits n slow down healing process n break me out again with new portion of future redmarks ~___~;;; just no no NO i just forbid my skin from breaking out anymore!!~ :mad:

o n yea if anyone reads this check zis site out, its that dudes (ethical care, mcjakejone) site he made with all that program instructions written. sposedly makes u cure your acne really n so. wellz im gonna find this out myself anyhow now, since im rly curious on how much is it true. its still under construction i guess buut the main point is there if u wanna check it out: *Moderator edit - URL removed*

*now until i restart this program just will try my best to follow my diet (eggs n nuts forbidden atm tho), do what i usually do with supplements (cept multivit, zn+mg+ca n lacto thing bcz im afraid the additives in them might break me out, for now, just in case i stop those), only 2 times a day tsp rosehip oil, 3 times tsp black cummin seed oil, 2000 ui liquid vit d. same topical stuff etc, but overall will be trying to use less

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I was curious about how the program was working out, it seems like things are going good! Like I said the guy had some good stuff, but he was way too biased and attacking other members to not be banned lol. How many actives do you have?

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I still have shitload of days ahead of garlic/onion hell :X :X :X :X :X Y____Y

How dare you talk like that about onions and garlic >:( They are delicious, they feed us, they help the homeless, etc... Onions and garlic are holy ^_^

But ehmz, glad you are seeing results... :D

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Guest Bloody Corpse Deamonn duh


u talk about few garlic here n there, then yep -__- buuut imagine full glass of 90% ONLY garlic n onion= HELLL Dx plus STIINK! & after eating this burning hell ppl can spot u like within radius of a mile D'x

thnx howeverz, im screwin up a bit atm tho pehehe :shifty:


just yesterday new crew of whiteheads invaded my cheek area, so there x/

oh and lazyy atm, will update on stuff im doing/gonna do tomorrowz or so :dozing: in case someone wanna kno or something..oh n yup i still will have to do ethical cares system ofc, im nowayz ditching anything yet, just currently i have probz with fukin ebay n cards etc so i cant order needed stuff atm which lags all the flow of plans etc..:dozing::dozing::dozing:

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Guest Bloody Corpse Deamonn duh

will update on stuff later (bcz moms like: GTFO NETZ!! D8< atm .__.') just that briefly:

i screwd diet big tiem .___.

n tomorrow starting superstrict diet again >___>

skin: no inflammation, healing it seems, few new breakouts from which 1 betch is between eyebrows ugh -_- (must be those cookies fault)

@timm wellz we have mostly wired netz than wifi tho, anyhow we r pretty advanced village i spose, bcz guess what, we also have telephone n tv, coolz right? >3>

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Guest Bloody Corpse Deamonn duh

~competition~ :catdance:

so i and joris (that dude from holistic n nutrition section) decided we gonna compete from tomorrow whos gonna last longer on our diets! n keep an eye on each other from time to time so we dont fail them. n thats great motivation for me too bcz ofc i dont wanna loose! =P

but blablah to side n heres my ~new plan~

(zis time no obstacles or anything wont interfere :mad:, starting tomorrow must do everything at least 90% right :doh:)

basically before i go back on ethical cares parasyte cleanse again ill be doing my own 5 day preparation (until i get stuff i need for program shipped to me), i wrote it pretty detailed for myself, like at what time do what etc, to put it simply, main rules for now are:

* 2,5 l water

* 2x a day (morning & evening) add tsp of cayenne + tsp of turmeric (~2,5g) powders + acv

* 1-2x a day do this fast 4min exersise thing that i found on this forum on workout thread (lounge)

* supplements: 2x day tsp of rosehip oil & ~2670 iu vit d at morning

* 2x a day garlic+onion shit (1st day 2 cloves + 1 onion :X then it increases amount every next day :X:X) + some pieces of pineapple on top of it to get it down xP

* wake up early n gtfo of pc n duh go to sleep already!! at like 0.00 (blah hate zis tbh :dozing:)

* green smoothie at morning (n basically thats it for food)

* no dairy, gluten, grains (cept buckwehat), eggz, seaweed, tomato, banana :banana: nuts, potatoe, seeds

* only allowed oils: evoo, flax, coconut, rosehip

* only allowed seeds: hemp, flax, pumpkin


wokay so 5 days must do this (wont loose to u joris!! :-) k i begin now!..damn its already ~3am n i gotta wake up at like 7.45am pfffffft >___> but anywayz!

Edited by Bloody Corpse Deamonn duh
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Are you in England?? Wow is that a fast or somethin? This seems kinda unfair, Im gonna think of something to make my diet more strict.

ps. What do you do with garlic+onion?? Drink it O.o Do you blend it?

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Guest Bloody Corpse Deamonn duh


lool no im ofc not from england, wut do i sound like i have british accent or something? /8l

siighz..well its far from fast since it still involves food pretty much, but yah its pretty damn strict regimen etc -__-

garlic+onion junk was real nightmare at first, like..dont get near me when i eat that shit bcz my mouth turns into flamethrower srsly o__0 (same with cayenne btw, makes u go shoop da woop) buut what i do is blend those garlics n onions with water n a bit greens (to dilute a bit so that its not like totally bombing your throat), so it makes full glass of kinda smoothie n then i drink it with straw (put end of straw closer to throat n just swallow that shit ASAP). its said to not overdo with water, but i find as less thick? (idk how describe) that smoothie is then easier n faster its possible to get it through straw n down, which is y i add water (that n my blender just wont blend without it anywayz) also i eat a piece of pineapple in the middle or afterwards it for making it easier. oh n i also bought kinda bigger straws too, n that helps too.

btw garlics & onions:

fights parasytes n also r rich in sulfur (msm), which both r good for skin sposedly.

oh and 1 mo thing i forgot! here joris is what will count as cheating for me (other stuff like going to sleep times n exersises n supps ammounts as well as meal times can vary tho bcz idk how my day turns out afterall etc cant be 100% perfect about like every single step :dozing:)

cheats (faail) for me are:

1-eating any kind of forbiden foods (SWEETS ESP!)

2-eating after 20.30 pm (ill improve this as i go to 19pm n then 18pm but for now..)

3-skip more than 1 garlic/onion

4-skip more than 1 cayenne/turmeric

5-no honey at all! even in tea, nope!!

6-moderation with fruits & fat stuff (oils, seeds)

so yea cant think of anything more atm :think:, but yea those r main ones, that i must not break or else i loose n u can totally throw rotten tomatoes at me then, butt...wont be loosing tho, nuh uh! l:P

Edited by Bloody Corpse Deamonn duh
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Idk I didnt know there was a way to hear how someone sounds by the way they type. Is there a translation tool for that or somethin? How do I know how hard I should throw the tomatoes. And in which direction. I can throw pretty far but ofc have to know where to throw them...

Good you were talking about exercise, almost forgot xD would almost have lost. I need to make a checklist... :genius:

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You don't have to suffer through the garlic and onion drinks anymore! :D

Does it say anywhere in your plan that you CAN'T cook the garlic/onions? if not, then:

Try cooking the onions in a pan with some olive oil or butter until they're golden brown and soft, they taste very sweet and DELICIOUS with some salt (if you can eat it) and its easy to eat two or three onions like that.

And take a head of garlic, break it into little cloves and cover those with oil and bake in the oven for an hour at 350, or until super soft, again it makes them very sweet and delicious on bread, or whatever you want to eat them with.

Good luck!

Edit: also, for obvious reasons, you'd squeeze the garlic out of the skins before eating. although i'm sure no one is stupid enough to eat it with the skin on >.>

Heh... heh, never happened to me before, nah. <_<

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