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New Here - Questions about mild acne

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Hi all. New here (obviously).

I just started the regimen. I wanted to ask, do you think it is necessary for someone such as myself who gets just 1 or 2 pimples here and there, but generally doesn't like the overall complextion of his skin?

I've always used Neutrogena On The Spot when I've gotten a pimple, and it's worked. But I figured, maybe if I try this regimen, my complextion will look better.

I'm using the Cetaphil Daily Mositurizer which I just started last night. BTW - I used the Tinted On The Spot Cream last night, and it looked AWFUL after I applied the Cetaphil Moisturizer. I looked like I was wearing 5 pounds of makeup. This morning, I used thr Vanishing On The Spot Cream, then the Cetaphil Moisturizer, and it looks much better, but my complextion looks somewhat pale this morning.

Any thoughts?

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Might as well try it for a while and see what happens. If it's only mild acne, then you shoudlnt need that much bp, and as long as you moisturise, you should be fine.

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It depends on how much your pimples bother you. I hate having even 1 or 2, so I would opt for the regimen myself. However, some people are ok with having a few zits from time to time, which is probably a healthier attitude anyway...

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I don't mind having a couple, but I am somewhat anal about my physical appearance and get quite bothered by freckling, aging marks, whatnot.

My face looks pretty clear, but it certainly could do without some of the lines.

I just want to make certain the regimen won't do any damage to my skin.

As I said, I will only use 2.5% BP Neutrogena, as it does not irritate my skin. And do far (1 night, 1 day) the Cetaphil hasn't had any adverse affect on me, so I think I'll continue it for a while.

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