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Ok, maybe i'm overreacting (pics of me inside)

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Ok , so maybe you read that thread I made about my acne being bad earlier, but after reading stories about others Acne problems, ive come to realize that maybe my acne ISNT that bad? Well I certainly think it is, but you be the judge....


Me after 9 months of Accutane, sorry the picture is small, the stupid server made me lower the size.

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POLEEEEEASE! I don't know what your embarrassed about! I have red marks all over my face and tiny to deep pimples as well. If you could make a closer shot... bb_icon_rolleyes.gif

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Well it could just be that the photo is too small and low resolution but your skin looks fine in it. So keeping that in mind, no your acne is not bad at all.

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Guest *Clara

It doesn't look that bad. Try some glycolic peels (I use 30%) they'll even out your skin tone and they help with acne pimples.

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You think so, huh? MMMMMMah dun' know... Could you possibly handle all of Doop?!?! bb_icon_rolleyes.gif. bb_wink.gif. Where you from?

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Awh, what's the sad face for?

Whoa, you're so far away! I'm in South Carolina. Starting uni in three weeks, though, heading farther south to Georgia, smile.gif.

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Hell, people say i'm attractive all the time! I mean hell why do i have to be soooo good lookin' you know.

ahahahaha laugh.gifbiggrin.giftongue.gif I kid. I kid.

I'm 18. BUT before you say ANYTHING let me just say that no matter what age, you can still appreciate true beauty.

You know there is alot of good people but, it seem's its hard to find REAL people, you know what I'm saying? Anyway, I just realized I was just in South Carolina passing through the airport on the way back from Jamaica. bb_icon_eek.gif

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