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stuff thats workin for me

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Ive got this bar of soap and Oxy-5 which both contain 5% BP

I wash my face with the soap for about 2 minutes, geantly lathering around my face and then I wash it off and pat dry.

I can feel a tingling

Then after that I apply the CP cream and then there is more tingling or "burning".

Ive only been trying this for about a week now, morning and night and I used to have really cystic type pimples, where a white pustule thing that you can pop woudl appear but there would still be the hard cystic part underneath.

Well right now the cystic parts have gone away and all there is is the white part that I can pop, but im going to leave them alone and let them die naturally.

I cant believe how well this is working.

My doctor had me on Tetracycline and Steivamycin and they didnt seem to work for me at all, but this stuff.. wow blink.gif

the bar is called "PanOxyl 5" and its made by a company named Stiefel

I only have one real question.

I wash in the morning, but then I have to go to work for about 12 hours, and during that time my face gets really oily and sweaty and I end up getting grease or oil or coolant on it somehow (I work in a machine shop).

I was thinking of washing my face with the soap at my lunch break? so I wash in the morning around 6am, and apply the BP cream. go to work, wash my face at lunch around 12:00-1:00 and then when I get home and have my shower and stuff around 10:00 I wash and apply BP cream.

Does that sound alright? or do you guys think its too much?

Thanks a bunch bb_icon_cool.gif

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