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HELP: What can i do about Acne on my scalp ?

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So ive had this since i was about 16, im 21 now, and it hasnt gotten any better. I can control my face with BP and other stuff, so my face isnt to bad, but my scalp is horrible. I use Head & Shoulders right now because ive heard the Zinc thats in it may help the acne on my scalp, its helped a tad bit, but not much. Im really getting fed up with it, i wash my hair twice a day to keep it clean and dry, i also always keep my hands and stuff away from my scalp...but i still get little pimples on my scalp. Does anyone have any suggestions ? Im going to start dumping tubes of BP into my hair if i cant figure it out, lol.

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while that would be funny to watch, chances are you would have spots of light blonde hair all throughout, as BP bleaches both hair and clothing

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Leave them alone,take a shower less often,use less shampoo.Get a short hair cut (this might be bad for your look since they will be visible but this cleared me up more than once)

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No it wouldnt,maybe it will make you scratch if you dont shampoo for 3 days and you might cause some new ones if you scratch but shampoo 2 times a day is too much.

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Try Nizoral shampoo. Im not sure if it is prescription where you live but check it out. You may be able to find a place to order it without a prescription online if they require one where you are. I have heard it works for acne of the scalp and some people have used it as a face wash for acne. Try it.

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