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Why my acne got worse after Accutane?


on 2006 I took Accutane for 4 months on a low dose because of my chest acne that was going out of control. I also had some pimples on my face and back but I had them perfectly under control, there were days that my face was flawless.

Well, during Accuatane my face and back were perfect and my chest keep on worsening.

When I finished Accuatane, for 2 months my face and back were clear but after that the pimples returned but much worse than before. I never managed to control them again. My face pimples started being bigger and much more stubborn, they started appearing almost everyday.

This was almost 5 years ago and still can`t regain control of my face acne. The back is much better and my chest is as bad as it was when I started Accutane.

So I was wondering if anyone has a possible scientific explanation to this. What could have Accutane affected on my body to cause the worsening of my face and back skin?

As I have noticed positive improvements with diet changes I was wondering if maybe Accuatne had messed with something on my digestive system. (even though my hepathic, digestive system analysis and tests results are always OK)


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I'm kinda in the same boat as you, I did a full cycle of accutane and stayed perfectly clear for a yer and a half! My acne has now returned, but it's mild.

However, I don't think you'll get a scientific answer on these forums. Maybe talk to a derm who knows there stuff. If you want to research accutance a bit you can find some free scientific derm journals online and read up a bit there. There's quite a bit of research being done on accutane, and some of the articles written are worth reading

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I ask it here because it seems that there are a lot of acne sufferers here that seem to understand and have more knowledge about acne that most derms. I think derms don`t go very deep into studying acne neither the possible causes.

Derms to whom I asked this question have denied the connection between accutane and the worsening of acne saying that it is strange and that it may have been a coincidence. One derm told me once that as I took it in low dose (less than a half of what I should have taken taking my height and weight into account) the medication maybe didn`t work as it should (sometimes I wonder if taking a higher dose would have been better or worse, I`ll never know).

Knowing now that accutane can have effects on all your organism and after noticing some improvements through diet I am pretty sure that accutane must have messed sthg. that contributed to have clearer skin. I don`t know what could have been so that`s why I am looking for possible hypothesis about it.

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I really don't know why it would do this, but it's possible that:

-caused some type of hormonal change in your body, which can affect acne

-it thinned your skin or reduced its ability to heal, which might make your skin easier to irritate and reduce it's ability to fight acne

I don't think you'll really ever be able to find out exactly why though.

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