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2 weeks ago i was vacuuming a very dirty rug and all the dust kept blowing in my face. the next morning i woke up and had all itchy boils. but a few days earlier i had also started using benefiber and b complex 100. i went to the dermatologist 2 days ago, because i thought i had mites in my face from vacuming or something. it was getting alot worse. he said its no way and it has to be something u ate or took orally for this to happen. i forgot to mention the benefiber but im gonna stop taking it today, he told me its most likely the b complex. my face is so itchy and all huge pussed boils and rashed. could it be the benefiber or b complex or is it possible it could be mites from the rug

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I don't think anyone here has experience regarding your situation. You should probably just follow your doctor's word (as he's used to this sort of thing) and use the topical ointment he has given you (if any)

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How strange!

Sounds similar to what happened to me. I tried B5 for awhile a long time ago and it was all okay, but a few months back I started taking a B complex vitamin every day and my acne got worse. I thought that there was no way it could be the B complex since everywhere seems to say how great B vitamins are for the skin. But yeah...maybe it is some sort of allergy, or something in the vitamin itself BESIDES the actual B vitamins that is aggravating the acne. Wow! I could've just figured out why my acne has gotten so much worse in the past few months. I'm going to stop taking the B complex and see if there is any improvement. Good luck!

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