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Dairy/Acne link?

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Does anyone believe dairy is linked to acne?

I gave up dairy for a good few months last year and ate lots of fruit and my acne did clear up. However, I had a blood test done to see if i was dairy intolerant, the results showed i'm not. I might try and get back into a routine of avoiding dairy and generally being more healthy etc and monitor my skin to see if it is imporoving.

Does anyone else break outs when they have dairy? I always have clusters of red spots somewhere on my face but the severity changes everyday. One weeks my skins calm and clearing up, the next i've broken out in spots that last for atleast 2 weeks! I've also got quite a few scars but the spots bother me more than the scars right now, i'll deal with the scars when the acne clears up.

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Use the search button yo. Or not even the search button, just scroll down. There's a topic on this like 10 threads down.

Yes, dairy has been linked to acne. No, it doesn't affect everyone. Yes, everyone is different and for some people dairy will make them break out and for others it won't do anything.

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the answer is a BIG AFFIRMATIVE!

many people gi ve up dairy to help get over their Acne.

There's also Other things that may cause acne, including wheat, gluten. soy, legumes. and most def. Dairy.

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