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Scabby skin on my nose

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A lot of times after I use a cleanser, face wash etc. my skin gets...weird. It tightens and my pores get smaller, however theres this weird extra "layer" of skin that forms especially on my nose, but I'm not sure whether it's just dead skin that will fall off with time or new skin that's growing on top. I usually "rip" it off or use baking soda to remove it, and the skin underneath looks worse, but I'm not sure it's a good idea. Should I just "leave it on", or remove it with baking soda? I'm scared that it may be just dead skin that clogs my pores, and that's why they look smaller. Anyone have an idea what it might be?

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Guest Timehealsall

i dont know if its called scabby skin, but i get something similar.

Every few days after i wash my face, i see thse blackish things on my nose. And the awkward part is, you can rub them off verry easily. They come with gentle rubbing, and i have no idea what it is. I am goin to ask a derm about it.

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Is it only in one place? Is it darker? Is it every time you wash?

It's all over my nose, and it's not darker it's just like an extra layer of skin that build up. It's as if i was shedding or something, but the skin isn't really dry. I get it almost almost every time I use a cleanser. Baking soda usually get's rid of some of it.

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