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My ampicillin log

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I've been on Ampicillin for 2 weeks now and I can see quite a bit of improvement. My face is starting to look fantastic. I've stopped using BP and I'm just using the cleanser. The rest of my acne on my neck and chest is also starting to fade. I can tell already I'll be left with some red marks and some scars but I've already got plenty of stuff to help reduce the visibility of those and help heal the skin.

Hopefully I continue to see improvement. I have another appointment at the beginning of march. Most likely if this stuff keeps working I'll just get it refilled. I was already taking a probiotic so that isn't a problem for me.

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It's been almost a month since my last update. My face still looks really good. If I get any small breakouts at all, I instantly put BP on it. Otherwise I'm BP free.

However, I'm still getting cyst break outs on my neck and chest. I have clyndamycin (sp?) for a topical and use that on every cyst that I can feel forming. Usually it helps it go away a lot faster.

I have another derm appointment at the beginning of march. I'd be fine with staying on ampicillin for longer if it can finally control and eliminate my cysts. Otherwise I would want to try something stronger.

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So I have an appointment this thursday with the derm. I'll have been on ampicillin for 2 months. My face stlll looks wonderful. Just need to find something that helps get a normal complexion look back. Still kinda red looking.

My cystic acne is still random though. I'll get random cysts like normal on my body. While they are much less frequent, and heal a bit faster, it's just not enough. I will have to wait and see what the derm says.

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