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Dermabrasion on olive skin

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I am really interested in getting dermabrasion for my acne scars. I went to see a doctor about it and he said he did not recommend it because I have olive skin. He said. "I would considerate it if you had a face full of scars but you don't." I have been told that I have mild scarring (it is mild to them but horrible to me). I have rolling scars with three ice pick scars.

I think lasers are full of #^%. I am considering TCA cross for my ice picks scars.

Has anyone with an olive complexion or darker had dermabrasion?

Please let me know.


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Dear Wantperfectskin,

I remember that you were wondering whether CoolTouch caused fat loss in your face. I had four treatments and I think this might have happened to me to a certain extent, but I'm not sure if it's my imagination. It just seems that now my skin is more lax. What do you think now about your skin? I just wanted your input! I'm thinking about Restylane now, and I agree that lasers are worthless.

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I still think that the Cool Touch caused fat loss to one side of my cheek. It was not there prior to the laser treatment. I wish I never had the Cool Touch procedure. I think it was a waste of money and a waste of time. Now, I am thinking about fat injections to that part of my cheeck that looks messed up. It is not as plump as the other side of my face and it is starting to bother me. I know it was not like that prior to my laser treatments. I am only 28 years old and this should not be happening.

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You should get a second opinion. It seems that dermabrasion is losing ground to CO2 lasers, which are easier to use, and more damaging to surrounding tissue. (and more profitable)

wantperfectskin, I think lasers are full of #^%. I totally agree!

I just got Restylane.

Restylane before and after pics.

It worked awesome for rolling scars on my cheeks. The only thing that helps ice pick scars though, are punch grafts and TCA Cross. Good luck

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i also have olive type skin but lighter i plan to send him some pictures to see what he says before i fly out there.

I also have scars in only one area of my face.

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