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MY STORY!! (Caveman Regimen) 2 years plus

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Hello Acne.org community!

Once i was an avid user of this website, going from regimen to regimen trying to find a cure for my acne. I tried everything from accutane to ACV even to the water only regimen, but here is what cured me mentally and physically.

I remember a while ago there was a thread called the "Caveman Regimen" the OP described how he just dropped everything. No water, no topical creams, just plain old nothing. At first i thought, nonsense! How could something so easy be the cure?

I started doing my own research and looking into what causes acne and such, and i decided to give it a try. I put down every cream, every cleanser, just stopped using anything on my face (I even bought an electric razor that requires no shaving cream or water). i was 17 at the time and had acne since i was about 14. Please, first let me tell how liberating the feeling was putting down all these cleansers and topical creams i relied on daily. It was refreshing to just wake up, brush my teeth and go out of the house!

Now i will tell you the cycle of this regimen. At first your face will become extremely dry and irritated, but this will go away. In about a month your skin will feel smooth and kind of normal. No more oily look, and that dry feeling with a constant need for moisturizer will go away quite quickly.

YOU WILL NOT BE CLEAR IMMEDIATELY!! And i mean that, this regimen isn't meant to heal you in a month, 2 months, 6months, or even a year. The science behind this method is to let your skin go through the natural phase of acne! If you think pounding on chemicals on your skin will heal your acne you are mistaken! let your skin heal naturally, let it regain the natural form it is supposed to have. I will tell you one thing, not once during the whole process of going through this regimen did i feel like my skin looked better when i was using topicals or cleansers. As a matter of fact, after the oily/dry phase was over even if i had a couple blemishes my skin overall just looked healthier.

The idea behind this regimen is freeing yourself of constant acne headaches, just let it go, let your skin heal itself. If you are an adult reading this you should've given up topicals and cleansers years ago, your skin might take over 2 years to fully heal, but i'm sure it is possible.

I started this program 2 and a half years ago when i was 17, now i am 19 with great skin, yes i get the occasionally blemish but i can't complain! Remember there is no easy way out of acne, just try going the "Old school" route from before they even had the science they have now.

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Although I agree that limiting your products is good, I will have to disagree that washing your face is bad. Washing your face TOO often is definitely bad and will cause acne.

However, there's so many benefits of using certain natural cleansers including a better and faster turnover of skin cells, healthier skin, more hydrated skin, less wrinkled skin, etc.

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yeah, i have to agree. I have been trying the no-wash method (out of sheer frustration from all of the topicals I was using...) and its been good and bad.

You are right, fuxthis, my skin has not just magically healed! but it is better. Just a little.

It feels less irritated from makeup. My face would feel so gross with it on...

I am hoping that some dietary changes will help to fully heal my skin. Going to try to stay away from gluten and dairy...going to eat rice, veggies and fruits all this week. And indulge in some gluten-free cookies :)

but if i don't feel better, then I am going back to my gluten-filled ways. So far I feel a little bit better today, after eating no gluten. I am hoping to keep it up!

Also, freeing myself from the stress of OMG I am using top of the line products why does my skin look like crap??!?, is refreshing. I can focus on other things like eating well and meditating.

~Katy B.

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I'll agree only that you do not need cleansers and harsh topicals if you do use a cleanser, follow with something mildly acidic.

I use water only most days and oil cleanse if I have makeup to remove. And I had no period of dryness or irritation.

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fuxthis, you failed to mention you were on accutane before doing this, and for most people that cures them of their acne...

The accutane if anything just made my skin worse, it didn't "cure" my acne at all. I started this method way after i finished my accutane treatment, and i did mention it in my original post that i tried accutane.

And i also never said that washing your face is bad in my post. In my opinion some peoples skin just simply can't handle any type of cleansers. It's almost like their skin is too sensitive and the irritation causes breakouts, but some peoples skin can handle cleansers just fine. I think my skin only reacted bad to using cleansers and i also have a theory that sensitive skin in adults and the use cleansers could be causing adult acne. Could it be people are just different? Maybe one persons skin is more susceptible to breakouts via irritation while others are not.

Remember just because a regimen works for one person does not mean it will work for you, everyone's skin is different. If you are fed up with using all these topicals and cleansers like i was, i don't see harm in trying this method. Your skin could be sensitive and the irritation from all these chemicals could be causing your breakouts.

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