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Hi, just wanted to tell you guys what regime/treatments have worked for me, just in case anyone else is considering a different approach...

About 4 months ago I started out with glycolic 30% peels once a week. These have worked great and as well as clearing my skin (apart from the odd blackhead) I can see a good improvement in large pores and small scars.

I have found the peels to be quite a pain though, as every week for a few days my skin is a bit dry after the peel.

I have however just started using a different product instead of the weekly peel - a 15% glycolic oil free gel which is absolutely fantastic - applied every morning and night and use a 10% glycolic cleanser twice daily.

My skin is the best its ever been and thanks to the glycolic, I can honestly say it is glowing.

The only places I get spots now are on the bits I don't apply the products (chest/back/shoulders).

Anyway, if you have not tried it yet, give glycolic acid a go - you might be surprised. bb_wink.gif

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Hey im glad you made this thread. I ordered a glycolic lotion and glycolic cleanser from MDForte'. I used to use a glycolic toner which made my skin glow a few years ago, but it hasnt been working and its probably due to the fact that its not strong enough.

Hoepfully i will have similar results to yours. Any breakouts or anything when you started using them?

Also which products/brands do you use specifically?

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hey. im using a glycolic wash, toner, n moisterizer.. the wash is 4% the toner 8% and the moisterizer.. also 8%, and i wanted to try something a little stronger.. but i couldnt find nething OTC, what product brand are u using? biggrin.gif

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I've experimented with glycolic a couple of times but i didn't like it, it dried my skin out A LOT, peely and whatnot.

lately i've been using mario badescu stuff and I LOVE IT. my skin is pretty much clear and the scarring is way better, but the stuff is gentle.

here's what i use:

seaweed cleanser

buffering lotion

oil free spf moisturizer



same cleanser

buffering lotion

healing cream

drying lotion (if necessary)

at night

twice a week-drying mask

i started using this stuff because the glycolic made me peel really bad so i went and got a facial at the mario badescu salon in new york

good luck, everybody!

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