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Tain working... yet also NOT working WTF??

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I’m on tain, 40mg per day. Been on it since about first of November

In the last 6 weeks I have been completely clear, not a blemish. And this includes eating some junk food which normally makes my skin terrible, and I had chocolate... yet i didn't break out at ALL. nothing, still perfect skin.

yet last week I can’t understand why I got 1 zit on the left of my mouth and one near the upper lip 3 weeks later. They’re gone now but the red marks are there. This is just after I almost got rid of most of my red marks !!!! grrrrrr!!!

And I also have some weird red mark blemish thing towards my mouth on the side of my cheek

Now the only explanation I can think of is perhaps too much fruit? I have a fruit smoothie protein shake in the morning, quite a large one (1 banana, hand full of apple pieces, hand full of strawberries and raspberries). And sometimes at night as well depending, but not often. I have brown rice protein, no dairy at all in my life right now, so its not the protein. Just water, frozen fruit which I do myself, and rice protein + oats.

So why the breakout? are you saying this deadly Tain can't even repel bloody fruit??????

I have another 4 months left of this 40mg per day and I’m worried that if some fucking fruit can break me out, what is going to happen when I come off the tain again?

Absolutely ridiculous

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