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Eating healthier

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I want to start eating healthier than I currently do. Its not to help with my acne as I pretty much have that under control now. I just want to feel healthier by changing what I eat. I am of a good weight (don't want to loose or gain weight). Can anyone recommend any good resources to look at so I can learn about this? I also do quite a lot of running, so don't want my diet to affect that too much. Any recommendations? As quite frankly I feel lost in all this healthy eating stuff.


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Wholegrains - oats, rice, barley, spelt, quinoa (avoid wheat and breads in general,)

Lean Protein - chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef, pork (avoid pre-packaged meats)

Good Fats - fish, olive oil, non-dairy butter, flax seeds, almonds, peanuts (if not allergic)



Basically just stop buying pre-packaged cereals and meats, and anything refined.

You should aim to cook at basically every meal.

Avoid all sugars and sugary drinks.

Try and minimise dairy.

It might take a few weeks to settle into your new diet, during which times you might feel tired, lethargic and have headaches, but believe me it's worth it in the end. Eventually you'll constantly feel energised and awake and about 100 times better than when you were eating crap food.

For example:

Instead of buying some refined cereal full of sugar and crap, make oats and put in some fruit and cinnamon.

Instead of eating potato chips as a snack, have some nuts.

Instead of eating fast food, make a rice, meat and vegetable stir-fry at home.

Hope this helps in any way.

Good luck

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To the above list add:


Try avoiding dairy and grains completely for at least a month each to test for intolerance.

And if you aren't intolerant, they you can add back in the grains, but remember they are not really nutrient dense foods. Don't base your diet on them or depend on them for fiber. Have vegetables for fiber.

Be careful about other foods that it's very common to have an intolerance such as the above mentioned nuts, citrus, eggs, shell fish, soy, peanuts, etc.

And flax seeds are estrogenic which can help some people but makes others worse. Often much worse. The same is true of soy.

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