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Hello everyone. I am 16 years old and have been struggling with moderate acne for about a year now after it became progressively worse from a mild case. I am currently on a regimen of benzoyl peroxide wash in the morning and evening, along with Clindamycin (not sure if that's how you spell it) Phosphate lotion in the morning, and Trentinoin gel in the evening. I am also taking one Minocycline pill every night.

I have been on this regimen since late september/early october. My dermatologist said that by Christmas, I should have seen significant improvement to the point where I could start maintenance dosages. However, in these three months, I have seen little improvement. I will say that the regimen has helped with some scarring, but it is difficult to say my overall case is improving when I still get tons of new pimples daily. I was hopeful that I would see success with prescription meds after trying every over the counter acne product known to man, and I had been hoping that my acne would be significantly reduced to the point where I could get a chemical peel or derm-abrasion to help clear up my more prominent scars. However, this is not the case, and my before and after photos I took provide the frightening evidence that three months of dilligently following this regimen have been useless in my fight against acne. It continues to amaze me that we have developed the technology to put a man on the moon but remain unable to cure acne for some individuals.

I was hoping someone would have some advice for me. I'm not sure if I should go back to my dermatologist to try some different medications, or if I should stick with this regimen and continue to hope that my acne will clear up before I turn 100. Any responses are greatly appreciated as I am out of ideas. Thanks for your time!

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I do think that you should revisit the dermatologist again. Three months is usually the length of time you should wait to determine if your current routine is working for you. There are lots of other things out there and I think you should move on to the next item ASAP. In that regard, since you have only tried one antibiotic so far, I would recommend allowing the doctor to prescribe one more type of oral prescription before going on Accutane. I have taken Accutane and am a very strong advocate for it. Unfortunately for me, the results only lasted a year, and I am back to the drawing board to complete a few more trial runs before trying it again. I have to say it was the best 12 months of my life, because I was completely clear.

I am currently taking an oral form of Clindamycin, which seems to be working a little bit. I go back to the derm in a month to see some results.

I understand you are currently taking an antibiotic, but have you done anything in the way of Birth Control Pills? Perhaps you have hormonal acne, this would help tremendously with that. But if your dr. offers you the option to try Accutane, go for it. It works completely for 80% of those who take it.

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