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Neck Redness/folliculitis

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Hey everyone,

I was hoping I might be able to get some information or advice from you guys haha. Lately, my neck has been very red/inflamed. I still do have a few pimples on my neck but most of it has gone away after being on accutane and using Dan's products. Now I shave quite frequently (almost every 2 days or so), but I'm finding that it is irritated at times after shaving (I'm assuming due to ingrown hairs as well or folliculitis). I've tried to attach a photo of what my neck looks like right now but for whatever reason it didn't come out as I would have liked it too. It does show all of the redness/almost rash-like symptoms I'm experiencing because it is much worse than the picture shows. I was going to post this in the neck acne subforum but I figured I might get a few more hits posted in here.

I went to see a local dermatologist the other day and he has prescribed minocycline for my acne to take for about 30 days and said it may help for the folliculitis I'm experiencing too. I'm hoping it will but in the off chance that it doesn't, I'm curious to see whether anyone else has experiencing neck acne/spots and irritation from this and what they have done to rectity this. I'm almost thinking about just growing a beard so that it covers everything up but it's very frustrating. My face is almost clear now but in the spots where I shave on my chin/neck, I still get pimples. I've started to cover up some of those pimples with concealer when I go out in public but I can't continue doing that for the rest of my life so I'd love to know if there are any products that help treat this. I know there are products for ingrown hairs that you can buy (which I have, it is called TEND SKIN but I haven't seen much of a difference) and tweezing the hairs sometimes helps, but surely someone out there in internet land might have a solution lol.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Also there is a image posted on google: http://www.patient.co.uk/images/DIS108.jpg that you can check out as well. It's somewhat similar to that even though that's a pretty bad quality photo.



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