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I'm so over all this...

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Hi everyone,

I've been following the forum section of this website every now and again, and it's always been so supportive. Right now, I really need some of that great support. :(

My skin has been fairly good since the beginning of the end of spring semester of 2010 until December of 2010... that was when my acne started to get worse and worse. I ran out of benzoyl peroxide cream around then, and had to resort to Salicylic Acid, and my skin has just taken a turn.

I used to have a lot of acne, so there are faded scars but they're not noticeable enough to worry about. But now, the sides of my face are red and bumpy, and is like a breeding ground for acne. It's been like this for a couple weeks, but today it's just the worst. I thought to myself that my usual, very confident self, would be able to get over it and go on with my life.

Many of you may ask why don't I just buy more BP? It's because right now I'm volunteering in Thailand and this country does NOT sell BP. I've tried looking at so many pharmacies/department stores, and it's just not sold in a cream!!! I'm so mad at this country right now. First off, I am taking a lot of money and time out of my life to volunteer to teach children English in a village up north. I have to be in front of over 100 kids everyday, and it's getting harder and harder to get self confidence. The kids are incredibly nice and friendly, but I just don't want them to remember me as the "teacher with all the pimples." I love my position and thank God for giving me this opportunity, but today I've had it.

I came home today from a trip, and found that I am starting to get red bumps on my nose. My nose is my most sensitive spot, and when I get acne on it my world just comes tumbling down. :( I am not to the point of depression, but I just want to go back to the US (which will be in two weeks) and get some BP so I can get rid of all this!!! Plus I have to come back and go to school right away, which is where my friends will see my horrible horrible skin. Sigh... Can someone help me with my confidence?

...Anonymous (and sorry for any spelling/grammatical errors)

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Iam really sorry for u.. i can feel your pain cause iam also undergoing with the same. I know iam not helping u by any means but i just can't stop sharing my painful feeling. I hope we get over this embarassing disease asap!

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This is my reply to like EVERYTHING, but it's honestly helped me so much I feel the need to tell everyone! STEAM! Steam your face and then wash it while your pores are still open. Also, baking soda masks have been my best friend lately. Do they have that in Thailand? Good luck, hon. I'm not exactly in the same position as you, but I'm a student teacher and also am terrified of being known as "the teacher with all the pimples." Enjoy the rest of your two weeks, though.

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YO, omg, I TOTALLY know how you feel---

I teach middle school English in Japan and my non-exisistant-mild acne flared up horribly while I was here... I think it's the humidity in Asia, and I imagine where you live it's only worse than it is up here. After I ran out of the BP I had from home for spot treating I started to break out badly.

Anyway, I don't think BP can be sold legally in Asia BUT Dan's products ship very quickly. If I were you I'd buy it RIGHT NOW and it'll probably get here in a week or so (it usually takes 4 business days to get to Japan from Cali).

I totally know what you mean about feeling paranoid to see people back in the States/Canada/wherever again, but if you start NOW the BP can probably start to kick in. Good luck, and hope that helped... PS, your students are probably too distracted by your Westerness to notice your acne.

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