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Hey im new, need sum help.

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Guest Tracy

I had moderate cystic acne and I have two teenage sons. Both boys are clear and seldom, if ever, break out. So I'd say you have a 50/50 chance.

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yea well with my family....my dad had a lot of acne i guess in high school..

so my older sister broke out a little, then a lot in college, dont know how...

my older brother broke out pretty good in high school and is clear now....

me, im 18 and ive had it for about 3 years, ive been the clearest of all of them...

but i was smart to go on perscription when i first saw them coming...

i am on benzaclin, a great overnight gel that dries up the pores and kills off a lot of zits....only downside is ur face is really dry in the morning...

then im taking minocyclin, good pill to take if ur in sports or get oily skin, just pop it about an hour before ur practice or game.....i cant really tell if its the benzaclin or the pill that works more overnight tho, but they work pretty good togethter

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Thanks for answering. Btw just incase i didnt make myself clear.... my mother still has the severe acne :/

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