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ACNE- confidence is low

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hi guys.. i am really at this low point now. i used to have a very clear skin and now everyone i see always notices the pimples i have. my doctor prescribed the duac cream and for me its working however the pimple doesn't stop there that's why my doctor prescribed me to take tetralysal- its for 2 weeks right now but i don't think there's positive effect yet. and there's also a breakout. they say it will take for 3 months, i guess i would just really have to be patient. :rolleyes: does the tetralysal really work??? hope u can help me out guys.

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Hey man, I'm sorry to hear about your condition, but don't feel down. I too have struggled with my own image as I also used to have pretty good skin. At age 20 it hits really hard when everybody you know no longer has problems and you look like your still pushing through puberty. However, keep your chin up bub, by having confidence and carrying yourself with pride it will shine through. I have been on a combination of Doryx and Acanya gel for 3 months and have improved drastically, and so has my attitude, but not the reactions of my peers. You might think your peers care, but in all honesty it's not that big of a deal. Talk to your parents about it, they will always hear you out, I even talk to my closest friends about it and they never were negative. Relax and don't stress out, you will get better, I promise.

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