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Sking Culture 6 days Peel

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Hiya. I got red marks on my cheeks and I was just looking at some products on the internet and found this skin culture 6 days formula very interesting.http://www.skinculture.com/uk/skinpeel.html .

It is very expensive but seems good. Has anyone tried it? or can anyone recommend me a better product for red marks caused by acne. Please please reply soon.

Thank you

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I purchased the tester, and I have yet to use it. It just sits in my drawer because I am afraid it will cause some crazy discoloration/peeling and that would suck to go to work looking like a zombie. I have heeard their stuff is good, but it demands 6 days to do so maybe it would be better to go somewhere and just get a facial done.


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Skin Culture peels have a horrible reputation. Maya, a former moderator on this board, scarred herself permanently with a Skin Culture peel--not sure which one.

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I was also interested in using this product. I emailed their company, trying to figure out how safe their peels are. They told me that they contain a tiny quantity of phenol (so, no real risk of damage to the melanin cells) and that their peels remove only the layers of the epidermis and thus scarring is not an issue. My guess is that the people who scarred themselves must have not used the peel correctly, according to the exact instructions. Anyway, I still thought that the peel (I wanted to buy the 3000 version) sounds kinda deep to be done by myself and so I didn't opt for it. Anyway.

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Doing my skin culture peel was one of the worst times of my life, over 1.5 weeks of not being able to leave my room + it doesn't work anywhere near as well as glycolic acid.

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This is from their website:

"Skin Culture's active principle ingredients are salicylic acid, resorcinol and a small percentage of phenol (less than 2% by volume) as opposed to the medical peelings, which are predominantly phenol."

The ingredients are very similar to those found in a Jessner peel (14% lactic, 14% salicylic, 14% resorcinol). If I'm not mistaken, resorcinol is a derivative of phenol.

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