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cyst old nose, fingernail scars on nose (video)

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So I got cystic pimples when I was 13. I mostly got them on the nose and they were really big and red. I would always pop them. I'm 15 now and I recently went on accutane a couple months ago and I'm doing good. The only thing that's bothering me is the scars on my nose. After popping them, I left behind scars. My confidence is low due to this. I'm insecure. I tend to think whenever people are talking to me, they just can't help not to look at my nose. Since the nose is at the center of the face. Here's a short video of me showing the scars. I know it's not not alot of scars compared to other people but I've had them for years and it's dragging me down. What I want to know is.. How can I get rid of them? What has to be done? How much will it cost and stuff.

[Removed] youtube

Sorry about the dry skin in the video, as I said, I'm still on accutane. Thanks

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hey man I know how it feels to have shit on ur nose and to have the feeling that people are constantly staring, trust me they're not.

I haven't found anything yet that helped in my case. But I have enlarged pores due to blackheads and extreme oiliness, so in my case it's harder (if not impossible) to 'fix'. I've tried the TCA cross method on one pore on my nose but it doesn't seem to do anything unfortunately. Maybe I'll try it again when I have the time. The downside of this method is that is quite risky, especially on the nose (with the risk being hyper pigmentation or widening of the scar).

To be honest, I wouldn't risk anything since you have very nice skin and I'm not a chick or gay, you look good dude! Be happy! To be so down about such a small thing.. It's just not worth it! You're young and maybe you didn't want to hear that but I'm just being honest.

The best of luck to you!

OH EDIT: You're on accutane so if if if you want to try the TCA-cross method you must wait at least 6 months after you finish accutane!

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OH EDIT: You're on accutane so if if if you want to try the TCA-cross method you must wait at least 6 months after you finish accutane!

Thanks. I know people would first look at my nose when they see and talk to me, cause that's probably what I would do. That was what my nose looks like on camera but in person it's more clearer and you can actually see it. What if I applied mederma or bio oil or something?

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I think applying oil that doesn't break you out is certainly a good idea, it keeps your skin moisturized and keeps your skin in good conditions. I'm currently doing that as well and I'm noticing improvement on the pores on my nose, not much but still interesting. My oil is some cheap ass oil mix for (or against?)aging skin (i'm 23 lol) which contains jojoba oil. I don't know bio oil but if it doesn't cause any breakouts you should definitely try it (and stick with it).

Good luck!

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