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Well, I just got back from my dermatoligist who told me that the only thing that would help my acne scars would be a thermage laser procedure for $1900 Canadian. Now I don'beleive that this is the only thing that will work, but it is relatively non-invasive and I was wondering if anyone else had had sucess with this procedure. The thing that worries me is that is the pamphlet it boasts that results have been known to last for up to 6 months, I'm hoping thats just for wrinkles. If anyone has tried this I'd like to know your experiences, partiulcary in result to how long results last. As a cash-strapped university student I don't want to have to pay for any of these expensive treatments more then once. Thanks for any info!

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Thermage often destroys the fat under a patient’s skin, leaving craters and a hideous looking face.

Thermage legal forum

Your dermatologist should not be allowed to practice medicine for saying it's the only thing that would help your acne scars, since in medical school they will teach dermabrasion, laser, chemical peels, etc. And it's not like you live in some 3rd world country - Med schools in Canada are probably similar to those here in the states. I strongly suggest you pull a Donald Trump on your doc and say these 2 words. YOU'RE FIRED.

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I'd stay away from thermage for now too, it's too intense and I've heard bad things about it....why not milder stuff like smoothbeam or IPL, those helped me quite a bit I think IPL is very good for shrinking shallow scars, enlarged pores due to acne, and also especially for broken cappilaries redness from acne or otherwise... or chem peels....Frankly my derm suggested thermage after i did IPL which is even milder than smoothbeam I think. Anyway, I KNOW my scars would respond very well to moderate chem peels which have been done safely for hundreds of years but derms want more practice and case studies for new laser procedures rather than tried and true bstuff that they already have data on DON'T BE A GUINEA PIG! So it pissed me off that my derm seemed reluctant with the chem peels especiall since i did a mild 6% TCA on my own and saw results after that!

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