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Pimples that are like half on your lip (red marks)

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Has anyone ever gotten a pimple like partially on the lip? It's not a cold sore, because I know what those look like. It's definitely a pimple.

The red marks from these last FOREVER. Seriously. They do fade but I can still see two red marks partially on my lip, partially off, maybe 6 months or more after I had the pimples.

What's the deal with these? I feel like they last for a long time because I don't use Retin A there. Because using Retin A anywhere around your lips is a HORRIBLE idea.

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i know EXACTLY what you mean!

those things are utterly horrible!! i had one after another near the same place which made the mark look bigger than it was. this was like half on my lip like ur describing.

ugh and because it was on my lip i could put anything on it really, because it was so sensitive.

so i just left it alone!!

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Ugh, those are the worst! I realized it was from the lip gloss I was using (I guess it was clogging the pores there), now I don't get them anymore :).

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ughhh....I had two and have the marks leftover. The active pimples were from like 4 months ago. I think it might've been from my toothpaste. I switched it and haven't had one since.

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