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The Best Non-Foundation Foundation

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When I was in middle school and high school I used to cake on the foundation, thinking that the more I put on, the more it would hide my bad skin. In reality, all that makeup only highlighted my imperfections, especially since the product was the wrong color for my skin tone and the cream foundation was simply too dense to allow my skin to breath, causing more breakouts. Because my teenage years were a pretty traumatic time for me (as they are for most people), I can't stand wearing foundation or any concealer/powder that offers full coverage. A couple of years ago I bought Benefit's Some Kind-A Wonderful "Foundation", and it's AMAZING. It's a light, airy faux-foundation that turns into a powder when applied to the skin. It can be used as a foundation for the entire face, or you can use it like I do and dab a little bit onto any problem spots without having to worry that it won't blend in with the rest of your skin. It only comes in 4 shades, so just pick the one closest to your natural skin tone and it will (usually) blend in naturally (it's best to do this in the store and have the makeup artists help you than try to guess your shade online). I have a few red marks on my skin, and this product makes them barely noticeable. However, if you have dry skin, or dry patches of skin, you may want to moisturize before putting the makeup on in order to make sure it stays on and blends in the right way. It's a little pricey, but not insanely so, and a little bit goes a long way (I've had the same compact for 2 years and I'm about halfway through with it, although I generally only use it as a spot concealer). I hope this info helps, it really is a great product that covers-up without breaking you out. Here's the link:

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