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My acne gone

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some history.

I have had acne from age 13 (33 now). It has been a horrible experience with at least 4 zits on my face every day from age 13. Some giant zits the size of a dime made me feel like a diseased freak and destroyed my confidence.

Now at 33 I finally feel free. For 4 whole weeks I have had only 1 or 2 tiny zits that only I notice. And they are gone a few hours after I pop em.

What I do is:

I shower and blast hot water on my face and wash my face with Clean & Clear "morning burst" clenser. I dont just wash but I massage my face gently with it for about 30 sec. Then I blast my face with hot water again for 30 sec and use Clean & Clear "continuous control acne clenser". Again I gently massage my face with the clenser for 30 sec. It starts to make my face feel really cold and at that point I wash it off. Actually I turn my face to the shower and then wash my back(also acne prone) with the clenser left on my hands.

After I get out of the shower I immediately apply lotion to my entire face. I then put on shaving cream and shave and then I splash warm water all over my face to rinse the shaving cream and then splash cold water all over my face for about 30 sec. Again I dry & apply the lotion all over my face.

For a month now my face has been totally clear with only maybe 1 insignificant blemish a week.

I hope this helps!!

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Oh and the C&C was 10 % BP.

I never touch my face after I clean it. Too much bacteria on hands.

I also have really oily skin and I pat it with paper towels every time I go to the bathroom to soak up the extra oil.

During this time I have gone from a fast food diet to all veggie and fruit so I dont think that makes a difference.

I think it is the 10% BP wash being massaged into the skin, and then the (cheap walmart) moisturizer being applied.

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY

maybee u just outgrow it dude

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