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Guest Timehealsall

popped zits

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Guest Timehealsall

I was just curious, but when a zit pops, is scarring apparent immediately after the zit pops, or after it scabs up and then it reveals a scar (indent)?

I dont pop my zits, but sometimes my zits do somehow just pop by themselves. So i wanted to know maybe how i can prevent it from scabbing up and scarring

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i have no idea how to prevent scarring, but i know what you mean about a pimple popping by itself. sometimes it'll pop during the day, which is beyond infuriating.

whenever i get scarring, it's only apparent once the scab is gone. i don't think that's how it is for everyone, tho.

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1. Clean it with water, pat dry.

2. Wait 2 minutes.

3. Apply a small dab of Neosporin or Aquafore.

-Should help with the scarring since the two are used for post mole removal scar preventions.

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