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I loook sunburnt all the time. suggestions?

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Hi all,

I'm at my wits end with my skin. My face is bright red constantly, it looks like I'm always sunburnt. The skin around my eyes is creamy and white so i have this odd panda look that makes people ask me if i've been wearing sunnies.

I had bad acne as a teenager but this seems to have mostly cleared up now. I took accutane for about 6 months at a low dose.

Currently using aveno ultra sensitive cleanser and moisturiser. I've tried every thing but as soon as i put anything on my skin even just water it goes bright red.

Could i possibly have an allergy to something?

My sister has red skin too, but noone else in my family does.

I've seen dermotoligists, naturopaths, doctors, had tests for insulin resistance, nutrient defincies, etc with nothing usual showing.


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hi there

It sounds like you could have Rosacea, espec as your sister has it too; did you raise the redness concern with the Dermatologist?

I'm also from NZ so I know what the climate is like- please ensure you always wear spf30 sunscreen, everyday, any season. Apply it frequently during the day, as protection wears off in 1-2 hrs. Sun is a major redness trigger. I personally don't go outside without a wide brimmed hat; I find that being really sun smart, espec with NZ's harsh sun, helps reduce my redness/Rosacea symptoms significantly.

Keep up the gentle skin care regimine- it is neccessary if you have sensitive skin prone to redness.

Having been on Accutane could have also aided the development of redness. Retinol is prone to doing that or worsening redness. Even at ultra low dose my face was pink looking.

The best thing for base redness is probably non-purpuric/non-bruising Vbeam pulsed dye laser. It is costly but worth it. After a couple of treatments you would very likely notice quite some improvement to redness. If you live in Auckland you could have a consult with someone from Auckland Dermatology (Epsom) - they have that laser treatment available for patients. IPL is another option but make sure you have any treatment with an experienced, reputable technician e.g at a Dermatology practice, not a 'Spa' or anything.

Best, shantelle

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It does sound like rosacea, but its odd because accutane is supposed to have a positive on redness in the long term, i.e. retinoids are used to treat tosacea. :(

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Accutane use can cause Rosacea. Be gentle with your skin and definitely take precaution when out in th sun!!!

Accutane use can cause erythema - not rosacea. Soriatane is used to treat rosacea and its chemically almost identical to accutane. :P

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i've heard clenia wash works well for rosacea/redness but i thought it was a bit harsh on my skin. try drinking green tea twice a day as well as a lot of water. it has helped my skin tone so much. also maybe try a supplement like fish oil pills, it may also even your tone.

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I have the exact same problem, exactly as you described I always look burnt but the skin around my eyes is white. I always brought it up to my derm and he said "there is nothing I can do about that it's just your natural skin tone". I'm on a ton of meds (6 prescriptions) and my acne remains "mild" while on them- I'm sure they irritate my skin but then I have to decide do I want acne or red skin? The red skin is a lot easier to cover up with makeup. I've tried switching out my meds for gentler things or dropping meds but if I do my acne comes back in full force. Sorry I'm not much help-I'd be very interested in hearing any solutions as well.

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I am currently on accutane and also have a red face. i sent an email to a norwegian company selling products specifically for roscea but i also asked them if they would work on general redness. i think if so.. i will be testing them. Regarding the laser treatments i KNOW they work because ive been going to treatment for many years. only not now because of my accutane.

I will keep you posted

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