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flipside or skintactix users read this

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I was wondering how you are doing on the skintactix acne system? I also, wondering if you recommend giving it a try over BP and SA which I use now? Also, has your skin gotten better? thanks

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i saw this, thoroughly read the site over, and disregarded it as an overpriced salonish looking gimic

pictures are quite misleading, in first picture of day 1 of one of their examples they have a girl just coming out of a shower (still wearing shower cap u can barely see) and it makes her skin look VERY oily, low qual picture/bad lighting, looks gross. 1.5 wk pregress picture is in FAR more favorable lighting/circumstances, and i do believe that those could have actually possibly been taken the exact same day under those conditions and looking like that. Time of day/lighting/dryness has a HUGE impact on how pictures on the net work. She looks like a gross thing you wouldnt touch in the first picture (wetness looks remarkably like extreme extreme oil, glare effect on cheek and all), in the second picture I noticed many of the same exact pimples still there, my pimples dont even last 1.5 wks UNTREATED.

Not to mention the "before" pic has obvious redness (aggrivation) with rings around her eyes and mouth of white (ala thats EXACTLY how I look when I wake up in the morning after using a lot of BP at night) whilst the 1.5 wk picture has NO aggrivation, she looks very white, her red spots dont even look red, not to mention its like modeling lighting haha. Very tricky. I no trust.

I also hate products that say, "America's advanced acne treatment developed by a dermatologist and a biochemist." Since when do dermatologists become the masters of creating MULTIPLE (6-7 products I believe) chemical formulas. Not to mention NO long term testing and NO outside reviews. This is like if you created a movie and you were asked to decide if it should win at the acadamy awards. /pat myself on the back

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hi shen, i think there are only a few members here who have tried any skintactix products. im still using my first kit and so far my experience has been great. the products are working just as well as bp at preventing pimples, but, as with bp, a few blemishes continue to crop up here and there. overall, i'd have to say it works better than bp because its not nearly as drying. my skin gets very dry, very easily so bp is just not an option for me. based on my results, and the formulations of the skintactix products, i think they are doing a good job of killing bacteria, reducing oil, and gently exfoliating to prevent clogged pores. im thinking of adding my differin gel to the mix to help prevent hyperkeratinization, which is not adequately adressed by the skintactix products.

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Well I just discovered just now while perusing the internet for salicylic-glycolic gel/toner that SkinTactix products are just repackaged BiON skin care products. I thought their packaging are very similar so I went to the "About Us" of SkinTactix and, voila!, they happend to be a division of BiOn Research.

BiOn Products

According to their website, their products were developed in collaboration with dermatologists and biochemists. BiOn products is distributed by:


user posted image

The products are very similar, in fact, they may actually be the same except that BiON carries a lot more other skin care products:


user posted image

What's nice about their products is that they tell you the pH level for each.

So if you are looking for Skintactix users, check with BiON users.

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