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i couldnt put everything positive or everything negative so ive decided just to write a new post. The 7th of December i came off roaccutane. I was 2 weeks off my 6 month period of taking the 60mg a day i was on. However i unfortunatly had to come off as i developed suicidal feelings and depression. Its brought on a lot of hassle as i am now on anti depressants and must see physcologists, but if im honest the roaccutane probably brought forward the depression as i think i may have had it a little before i even started the pills but it may have come out worse in the future.

The problems i had were chapped lips (still going on but im sure this will stop soon), i had dry eyes but these have now gone, crippling ankle and lower back pain (i often felt like a pensioner lol), i literally found it dried EVERYTHING up... going to the toilet to poo was so awful no matter what i ate and drank a lot of water... since i stopped the pills though this problem has gone thank goodness i was in agony!

BUT.. and this is a big but.. it really does work for your skin. I literally have no spots now, i had the tiniest little whitehead on my chin the other day and i just put some sudocrem on and it cleared it right up, before no matter what dear or cheap ingredients nothing would work. I had huge pores on my nose and chin which would fill up with oil even after extracting them, within the hour my nose would be greasy and back full of blackheads. It was like a neverending vicious circle. Now though i cant even see pores on my nose and certainly none on my chin. I must point out my specialist dr has given me differin just to make sure my skin stays clear.

So all in all apart from the awful side effects im loving feeling my normal skin again. No more worrying about makeup sliding off an hour after putting it on.

Please if anyone has any questions dont hesitate to ask :)

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