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Need makeup that won't sweat off or anything!

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I'm a 17 y.o. male and I think I need makeup because I have lots of red marks all over my cheeks and chin. I go to school and I want to wear a makeup that won't sweat off when I'm in gym and won't come off if I'm ever in the sun. I also obviously want it to look natural. My skin is rather white and I have the scars and pimples. I don't want it to clog my pores either. Can anyone help me out? I have school in 3 weeks! Thanks

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The only makeup that would withstand the gym i imagine would be stage makeup. Its really not gonna be doing your skin any favours if you work out and sweat while wearing makeup. You may even encourage the return of your acne, if its gone.

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The only two foundations that give me natural look and won't ever rub off is Kryolan and Ben Nye. They are specifically made for stage, TV, movie, and dance competition.

unsure.gif I'm not sure if you can use it though because it is a bit difficult to get it right.

For example, I apply Kryolan foundation with wet makeup brush and blend with dry sponge, then follow with concealer (apply with concealer brush, of course). I mean...if you have time to do all that, it will definately look very natural without any new pimple at all.

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Jeremy T,

If you don't mind spending little more time to get it right, here are some info that might help. bb_wink.gif

you will need:

1. sponge ...you can get this in bulk from supermarket ...it should be under 3$ don't need those expensive one.

2. Foundation Brush. I use MAC #190 but it is a bit expensive. The bodyshop foundation brush is much cheaper $12 (I guess). If you don't want to use brush, you can try with your finger but I find it's too difficult and time consuming.

3 Kryolan Stick Foundation It lasts very long and won't rub off that easily and it's oil free.

user posted image

The one I use is Supra Color(the one in white pan). It is a bit dryer than foundation stick and comes in an ugly package but for me...package doesn't really mean much. I only care for result. cool.gif

user posted image

Please keep in mind that Kryolan products are designed for professionals such as actors or dancers, they have stay power which means they also hard to remove. You have to use makeup remover or mild soap to get rid of them. Your normal makeup remover will be ok. But if you just wash your face with water, that is definately NOT enough.

How to apply

1 damp your makeup brush then use it to apply foundation on your face. You will see some streaks, don't worry about them.

2 use sponge to blend them until your skin look smooth and flawless.

3 if you have scars...you can use small brush to apply one more coat of Kryolan foundation. It can be used as concealer as well.

Optional....You don't need this powder. I just want to give this as option for people who like powder. That's all.

user posted image

I'm not working with Kryolan or any makeup company. Just want to help.

For kryolan product, if you live in NYC area, they are easy to find. If not you can check it out here http://www.danceshopper.com/permanent-make-up-make-up

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