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Robert Davi's collagen injections

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Last night, I'm embarrassed to admit bb_icon_rolleyes.gif , I was watching Entertainment Tonight or some similar show, with the stupid topic "Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery," and the actor Robert Davi was openly talking about how he got collagen injected into the acne scars on his cheeks.

He said that he had bad acne when he was younger, and was used to the scars, but got tired of the media always calling attention to it.

Anyway, Davi and his dermatologist (or plastic surgeon, not sure which) explained how the collagen injections worked to fill in the scars. They showed a before and after, and there was definite improvement. I'm not sure exactly how much...hard to tell on TV. If you check out recent pics of him, note that Davi said he purposely left the long creases in his cheeks because he likes them.

I don't know how common or expensive this procedure is.

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I saw the same episode with Robert Davi. They called it "recollagenation" or something similar and he mentioned that they use your own collagen or cells (can't remember which he said). It sounds to me like he had isolagen. In my opinion, the before and after photos weren't consistent enough to gague improvement. In the "after" he was in ET's studio with their perfect lighting. Lighting makes a huge difference in the appearance of acne scars.

For more info on Isolagen, see: www.isolagen.com - there are also people who have had it done on this board, so you can also do a search on it. smile.gif

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