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ice pick scars? does smoothbeam actually work?

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I have been hearing alot of mixed responses about smoothbeam, I was wondering if anyone has had any real scar reduction, especially deep ice pick scars, with treatments from smoothbeam. also if there are any improvements using smoothbeam, after several treatments, is it permanent or temporary. I was also wondering if anyone has had any success getting rid of deep ice pick scars with any treatments

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TCA cross is very effective, but you'll have to do the treatments quite a few times. But it seems that most people have very good results with it. Check out the VERY LONG TCA CROSS THREAD that is I think 70 something pages long. You don't have to read every single page, but you can flip through it and get an idea of what to do.

I do it on myself and am VERY pleased with the results.

Also, needling worked very well in my pits too. There is also a thread on that too.

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thanks guys , the advice does help, I still have alot of thinking to do, and am strongly considering smoothbeam, I'm afraid it wont work and cost me a good $1000 and possibly leave me with red marks, which I already have and would not want to get worse. I'm also worried about it actually working and finding out its only temporary

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Smoothbeam is definitely not going to work for icepicks. It is only helpful for mild to moderate rolling scars, and acne. From everything I have ever read, animegirle and Denise2 just pointed out the best two ways to deal with them. If that $1000 is burning a hole in your pocket you seriously need to consider giving it to me*. I would gladly forward it to my favorite charity*. bb_neutral.gif

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