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Finished Roaccutane - Still Breaking Out :cry:

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Hi I have been on roaccutane for the past 7 months, for approximately 5.5 months of this time I have been on 60mg daily. I finished the medication two days ago and my acne is really not much better than it was before I started.

Previous to starting roaccutane I would have about 10-15 active spots on my face and/or neck as well as mild acne on my chest. Today I have about 8 active spots on my face and about 3/4 on my neck. I contacted my derm a couple of weeks ago explaining I was still breaking out but she said that she could not extend the course of treatment any further because I had reached the highest cumlative dosage.

I have experienced near clear skin during the treatment, mostly in months 4-6. Then in month 7 the acne started to pop up a bit more.

I am in despair right now as I can't believe I have eben through so many highs and lows for the past 7 months with possibly no results!

Did anyone else experience something similar to this, if so are you clear now? Do I just need to give it more time to let the drug work its way out of my body?

Thanks in advance

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I experienced exactly the same thing! I was clear by like Month 5 or 6 I think then BAM my acne came back Month 7....had to continue the course for 12 months!

Then after the 12th month, I was still getting acne 3 months after....

THEN it just cleared....like completely cleared....I have no spots, no pigmentation, no blackheads, no whiteheads - NOTHING. My skin is as smooth as porcelain (albeit healing parts of my skin where there's redness and the scarring).

Don't despair - the Roac, even after you've stopped taking it, continues to work. Has your derm prescribed you any topicals to take? I take Isotrex once a week (sometimes I forget hehehe). But derm basically says it's the liquid form of Roac....but since my skin is about 1000000000x better now, I don't even worry about taking it.

Give it time. Trust in the magical drug that is Roaccutane.

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Thanks so much for your reply. You have restored faith in me. I sorta wish I could of carried on longer with the medication but in another way I wanted to get my life back on track.

I have been prescribed Epiduo gel to use once I finish roaccutane. I am hoping I won't need to use this too much. Have read good things about the gel but also like the idea of using a cream form of the roaccutane drug.

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