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Does yoghourt help scars?

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hi, a lot of ppl mentioned lactic peeling here. So can i use organic yoghourt to do the peeling since yoghourt contains some lactic acid?

Has anybody tried this method? what could be the potential problems? (comedogenic? concentration of lactic acid is too high?)

Thanks! smile.gif

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i think you would probably be better off, just buying lactic acid, as apose to using organic yoghurt, as i doubt there is enough lactic acid in the yoghurt to be able to make much (if any) significant difference to any scarring or red marks that you may have.
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Sure, you could try it. Not sure if it will be of much help to your scars though. If you're worried about it, you could try a patch test first to see how a small area of skin reacts before using it all over your face.

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Replying to Does yoghourt help scars

Short answer: No. I use 40% lactic acid but it doesn't actually peel or do much of anything for my skin besides make it soft. Although, It probably helps to soften blackheads and open pores as well.

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Hi, thanks y'all for your replies. I am trying the yogurt method these days, and i find it actually works for my red masks! Well, maybe it was misleading in my original post; what i mean by scar is actually hyperpigmentation(red mask).

The yogurt i am using is farmers union natrual European style yogurt. No flavors, no sweeteners, and low fat. tastes pretty bad cuz it's damn sour bb_eusa_hand.gif , but feels pretty good on the skin bb_eusa_dance.gif

I am now on accutane blink.gif , yet i can see the result with yogurt. nice stuff. I think next time i go to see the doctor i'll ask him to put me off accutane.

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